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The Town Delinquent Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of all taxes in town. Within 20 days after the final tax due date the Delinquent Tax Collector receives a warrant from the Town Treasurer listing all owners of real estate that have not paid their taxes.

The Delinquent Tax Collector contacts taxpayers when their taxes are overdue and attempts to make arrangements for the payment of the overdue taxes. The Delinquent Tax Collector has the authority to conduct tax sales of property, when necessary, in order to generate the tax money due to the Town. The Delinquent Tax Collector has no authority to waive or abate the penalty or interest charges.

The Delinquent Tax Collector will notify all delinquent tax payers regarding the amount of taxes owed as well as the penalty and interest charges due to the Town. Within 60 days of the first delinquency notice the Delinquent Tax Collector will notify mortgage and lien holders that taxes are delinquent and if not paid the property will be offered for sale.