Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

Finance Committee 10-11-18




The Finance Committees of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 930AM on Thursday, October 11th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Chair Josh Terenzini, Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Town Clerk and Treasurer Kirsten Hathaway and Board Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  • Discussion of reimbursement from Greater Rutland County Supervisory Union (GRCSU) being decreased for them to be able to cover the matching funds needed to be awarded a grant for school safety.
    1. Job duties for Kirsten needing to be done for the GRCSU need to be spelled out in conjunction with the SU. Reviewed duties currently being done.
    2. Discussion of reducing the reimbursement amount in future fiscal years.
    3. No areas of the budget have a surplus to be able to cover a decrease in the expected reimbursement expected this fiscal year.
    4. A request for their proposed reimbursement amount will be made to the SU.
  • Discussion of the budgeting process.
    1. Need to build in higher cost items from town department 5 year plans to budget process
    2. MS4 watershed costs covered by the General Fund. Discussion of who will be taking responsibility for maintaining this program. Suggest it be Bill and Byron Hathaway.
  • Discussion of future pay rate increases.
    1. Board will seek input from the various department heads
  • Discussion of 5 year plans.
    1. A support truck for the fire department will need to be replaced within 12 months
    2. A committee will need to be formed to discuss the future replacement on the McKinley Avenue fire station. Research into the engineering costs of the Center Rutland Fire Station needs to be done.
    3. Discussion of need to identify any other capital projects coming up
    4. Discussion of need to install a new water line on Randbury Road.
      1. Town Attorney Kevin Brown provided information stating use of existing O&M funds would be allowable for construction of water line.
    5. Discussion of increasing staffing levels for RTPD in the next budget year.
  • Discussion of the existing and proposed Town Purchasing Policy
    1. Decision to adopt changes proposed at earlier meetings. A fully updated version and a copy of the existing version will be provided at the next board meeting for review and approval.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 10:05AM.

Respectfully submitted Mr. Bill Sweet.