Highway Committee Minutes 6-19-2020

Highway Committee 6-19-2020



FRIDAY JUNE 19th, 2020

The Highway Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 9:00 AM on Friday June 19th via zoom conferencing which was made publicly available. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board Member Joe Denardo, Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway, Town Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet, James Ragosta and JR Bullock,

  1. Discussion of the 2020 proposed project list
    1. Mr. Hathaway asked for his project list for the 2020 season be approved so he does not have to go to the board each time for approval.
    2. Ms. Ashcroft asked for a review of the projects.
      1. Washout repairs
      2. Drainage work on Countryside Drive, this is a continuation of work from previous year. The cost estimate is about $1500. Ms. Ashcroft asked about an easement for the culvert. Mr. Hathaway will talk to the property owner about it.
    3. Prepping Town Line Road for paving
    4. Renting a small excavator for various projects, to be shared with Rec and they will have use of it as well
    5. Mr. Hathaway estimates the cost of all the 2020 projects to be around $30,000. Most of which is materials and equipment.
    6. The committee will recommend to the full board moving forward with all the projects.
  2. Discussion of the drainage issue on the Ragosta Property
    1. Mr. Hathaway has not heard from Bronson Spencer regarding the plans for the project.
    2. Mr. Hathaway plans to be on site during the construction to make sure it goes as planned.
    3. Mr. Hathaway suggested using the preliminary plans to complete the project.
    4. Mr. Hathaway will issue a permit for the work within the town right of way with the contractor once selected.
  3. The new roadside mower is working out very well.
    1. Once we are done mowing it will go to the Town of Mendon for them to use
    2. Mr. Hathaway expects to mow one more time all around town
  4. The sewer inventory is nearing completion.
    1. The north end is done
    2. The south end is next, and Flory Heights is almost complete
  5. The manhole on Rte 7 South in front of the Days Inn has not been inspected with a camera yet.
    1. He has had them jetted for maintenance, since the Ground Round is closed there has not been any further problems.
    2. The contractor Mr. Hathaway called has not come yet. He asked to use a different contractor.
    3. Mr. Denardo asked for the sewer line running under the train tracks near Quality Lane be inspected as well.
    4. Mr. Hathaway said the catch basins will need to be vacuumed as well. Mr. Denardo suggested talking with Rutland City to see if they can be hired to do it with their truck.
  6. Ms. Ashcroft said the city has completed paving on Campbell Road.
  7. Discussed the water line on Randbury Road. The project has not started yet but is anticipated to begin by August.
  8. Discussed a corner of McKinley Avenue which has asphalt that has deteriorated. Mr. Hathaway will investigate the issue and make some repairs to it.
  9. Mr. Hathaway discussed the storm water permit for the Northwood park stormwater permit. He contacted the state again and has found the scope of the permit may not be as big as initially first thought. He will discuss with some of the firms and follow up with the state. He will work with the 2 firms who gave us pricing to see what work needs to be done.
  10. Jason Bathlon will be resuming work on June 29th.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 9:39 AM.  Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.