It may be a little late to begin to talk about reform to the people of the old town of Rutland as a whole, but there can be some lessons learned from the past that may help the city of Rutland and also the new town of Rutland, in the way of keeping their records and accounts in the future, in order that the same can be referred to by future generations if occasion should present itself.

One year ago we recommended that the town clerk be furnished with a book for the purpose of keeping a complete record of the dog licenses and also the money that was received from the same, but the matter has never been attended to by your selectmen, and it is impossible to arrive at anything definite in the matter of licenses.

At the town liquor agency, we find the same condition of things; the sales of liquor are kept on a private book and it is impossible to determine what the business of the year has been at the agency, at the present time.

We trust that the new officers of the new corporations will see to it that these matters are conducted in a business-like manner in the future.

Last year we called your attention to the fact the Honorable Board of Railroad Commissioners of the State had ordered a sub-grade highway under the tracks of the Rutland railroad at the place where the extension of Pine street was proposed, but as yet nothing has been done in that line, and the same will no doubt have to be acted upon by the proper officers of what was formerly the town of Rutland, as stated in the order of the Railroad Commissioners, September 21st, 1891. Amount of land damages awarded on account of same, $7,266.68.

Respectfully submitted,



C.W. PENNINGTON, Auditors.

Rutland, Vt., March 18th, 1893