by David F. Dickinson


The Dickinson Farm, between Center Rutland and Proctor on Route 3, was

known as thc Grafton Crigga farm for many years. The 270 acre farm was

sold by Vermont Marble to David and Addie Dickinson in 1925. It was

transferred to David F. Dickinson and Pauline M. Dickinson in 1953.


David J. and Anne Marie Dickinson become part owners in 1980. A 60 acre

river meadow on the Walter Dunton farm was added in 1980. A 50 acre meadow in

Proctor was purchased from Frank Lebo in 1980.


The house on the farm was built by Jonathan Reynolds sometime before

1804. Mr. Reynolds purchased the land from Colonel Mead for three or four

otter skins.Mr. Reynolds was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary Army and

in the early 1800s sold the farm to his son Morris Reynolds.


Other members of the Reynolds family built houses up and down the valley. When

my three sisters and I were growing up on our farm we spent a lot of time

running around the hills behind our barn on Pine Hill. One of the

discoveries we made was a marble marker with the lettering ‘J Limit on



We thought it was a grave and many times put wild flowers on the

“grave.” However, while reading a history book , of the area ,I found out

the lettering ‘J Limit” stood for Jail Limit, and actually was a boundary

marker for the County jail yard. People were put in jail for their debts

but could go out to work if they didn’t go past the boundary markers,

Besides the one on our farm, one was located on the road to Mendon, and

another was near Beaver Pond in the town of Proctor. The marker from our

hill has been moved and is now at the side of our house for anyone to see.