In the year 1904 Achille Solari left his home town of Carrara, Italy to seek employment in America. Leaving his family behind, he signed with an expedition that directed him to the Blue Ridge Marble Co. of Nelson, Georgia as a marble cutter.

In 1906, after having worked two years in the shops, Mr. Solari sent for his family to join him in Georgia. His wife Guglielma, sons Joseph 11, Floyd 9, Sherman 5, Archie 2, and daughter Clara 7 (Mrs. Renato Del Bianco)’ boarded an old English cargo ship named Princess Irene in Geneva. After twenty-one days the family landed in New York and on to Georgia by rail.

After two years of becoming adjusted to the new life and making friends, the Marble Co. was forced to close because of labor problems. Having a trade as a marble cutter and knowing of marble works in Vermont, the family moved to Center Rutland where work was found with the Vt. Marble Co. The home they first settled in was called The Boarding House and is presently occupied by the Hy-Way Furniture Co.

Joseph, the oldest son began work with the Marble Co. in 1911 and had continuous service with them until his retirement in 1964. His employment was interrupted in 1918 and 1919 when he served with the Red Arrow Division in France and Germany during World War 1. As a matter of interest, his Division returned to this country on the U.S. Destroyer Great Northern in seven days which was record time for ocean travel between Europe and United States.

*(Another daughter Mary was born after their arrival in this country).

The following is a list of marble workers (cutters, carvers, and sculptors) who came to this country during this era:

Giovanni Marconi

Achille Moriglioni

Carrara Ambrossini

Prime Salvioli

Pilade Lucarini

Aristide Piccini

Anselmo Ravellini

Alfeo Fergosi

Lando Bardi

Prime Ratti

Ruggero Canapa

Tamante Ambrossini

Maurizio Ravenna

Umberto Trinci

Ettore Canape

Bernardo Ravenna

Umberto Mutti


Gari ba Id i Ravenna

Achille Tavarelli

A Imo Tenerani

Oreste Del Bianco

Achille lanni

Giovanni Molin

Casimiro Filie

Gaetano Manfredi

Antonio Lucciani

Lorenzo Bandelioni

Antonio Battani

Allesandro Boni

Dante Bartalena

Cesare Terenzini


Gene Pisanelli

Enis Fergosi



From Town Historical Book 1976