Personnel / Finance Committee Minutes 9-4-19

Personnel & Finance Committee Minutes 9-4-19




The Personnel & Finance Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 10:00 AM on Tuesday June 25th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board Member John Paul Faignant, Town Clerk & Treasurer Kirsten Hathaway, Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway, Town Deputy Police Chief Ted Washburn and Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  • The committee met with Andrew Peisch from AM Peisch. They are beginning the annual town audit and asked the Select Board members present questions about being aware of any fraud and their role in fraud prevention.
  • The committee met with Maureen Chamberlain from Invest EAP. She came to present services offered by her organization for Town employees.
    1. This is a free service provided by our coverage and partnership with VLCT (Vermont League of Cities and Towns
    2. They offer a variety of confidential services. Information was left to be able to hand out.
    3. Chamberlain would like to setup a meeting with all town employees to be able to present this information to them. It should take no longer than 15 minutes. Any employee who receives a paycheck from the town is eligible as well as members of their household.
    4. Faignant asked about the record keeping and level of confidentiality. Ms. Chamberlain didn’t have answers, stated she did not handle that aspect but would investigate it and get back to us with an answer.
  • Discussion of bringing the delinquent tax collector position in house.
    1. The committee reviewed the feasibility of bringing the delinquent tax collector position in house.
    2. The person would need to be working on collections primarily, but would be able to support other roles in the office.
    3. The exact number of hours per week spent on tax collection is not known.
    4. Costs associated with litigation, etc will be recouped since the tax collection fee currently paid out will remain with the town.
    5. Voters would need to approve the change, this would need to be put on the ballot next March for a change at the end of the current delinquent tax collectors term.
  • Reviewed the current personnel policy.
    1. Discussed various sections of the current policy and recommended changes. The updated document will be provided to the full board to discuss at their upcoming meeting on the 17th.
  • Deputy Police Chief Ted Washburn provided information on a deferred compensation plan available through the state. There would be no cost to the town, it would be employee fund. The committee will recommend to the full board allowing town employees to sign up for it.
  • Reviewed a draft copy of a Drug and Alcohol Policy for commercial motor vehicle operators. This document will be changed to be town specific and referred to the full board for discussion and approval. Since we employ CDL drivers, it is required we have this policy.
  • Discussed establishing a town policy for viewing surveillance cameras.
    1. The committee reviewed a draft policy and made some changes and recommendations to the language. The draft will be updated to reflect the changes and referred to the full board for discussion and approval.
  • Discussed disseminating policies to town employees.
    1. Once the new personnel policy is adopted, a new sign off form will need to be completed by each employee.


There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.