Planning Commission Minutes 1-3-19

Planning Commission 1-3-19





DATE January 3rd, 2019




Present: Chair Person Barbara Noyes-Pulling, Dana Peterson, Howard Burgess, Norman Cohen, Andy McKane, Jerry Stearns

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. A moment of silence was observed for Dick Lloyd.

Approval of the Agenda: Mr. Stearns moved to approve the agenda. Mr. McKane seconded the motion. The motion passed 6-0.

New Business: Review Viewshed reports from Middlebury College;

  • Reviewed the process for creating the report.
  • Discussed which areas scored the best.
  • There are 20 viewsheds currently identified in the Town Plan
  • Discussion of removing the lowest scored locations
  • Discussed viewing each of these areas in person to validate results
  • Peterson moved to forward the analysis from Middlebury College to the Select Board for their review and comment, with questions being complied and returned to the Planning Commission. Mr. Cohen seconded the motion. After discussion, the motion passed 6-0.
  • Peterson moved to recommend the Select Board remove, from the current viewshed analysis, East Proctor Road and Quarterline Road. Mr. Cohen seconded the motion. After discussion, the motion passed 6-0.
  • Cohen moved to recommend to the Select Board they included the Middlebury College study as an appendix, as amended. Mr. McKane seconded the motion. After discussion Mr. Cohen withdrew his motion.

Old Business: Next steps for subdivision and boundary line adjustment forms;

  • Reviewed the latest draft of the updated forms
  • A variety of changes were made to the forms to reduce duplication and make them easier to complete.
  • The changes will be made and presented at the next meeting for a vote to adopt them for use.



  • Noyes-Pulling updated the commission on recent action the board has taken to address nuisance properties around town.
  • Discussion of rescheduling the meeting from 2/14. The meeting will be held on 2/21.
  • Burgess recapped some recent activity with renovations along Business Route 4.


Approval of minutes 12/6/2018:

  • Peterson moved to approve the minutes. Mr. Burgess seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0 with Mr. Stearns and Mr. Cohen abstained.


  • Peterson moved to adjourn. Mr. McKane seconded the motion and the motion passed 6-0. The meeting adjourned at 8:41 PM.


Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet





Barbara Noyes-Pulling

Rutland Town Planning Commission Chair