Planning Commission Minutes 2-20-2020


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   TOWN OF RUTLAND PLANNING COMMISSION


DATE: February 20th, 2020




Present: Chairperson Barbara Noyes-Pulling, Dana Peterson, Howard Burgess, Sherman Hunter, Norman Cohen, Jerry Stearns, Mary Beth Poli

Approval of the Agenda:

Mr. Peterson moved to approve the agenda. Mr. Stearns seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

New Business: Presentation and discussion of the RRPC Enhanced Consultation of the Rutland Town Municipal Plan:

  • Noyes-Pulling provided the Commission members with copies of the report.
  • The Agency of Commerce and Community Development keeps track of municipal plans and if they are meeting state goals. This is done through the RRPC.
  • The updated plan expires in October of 2027.
  • The RRPC reviews the Town Plan and sees if there are any shortcomings which need to be addressed.
  • Discussed adding consultation for the Business Route 4 corridor
  • Reviewed some strengths and weaknesses in the town plan identified in the report
  • Peterson advocated for housing to be a priority for review and discussion
  • Discussed recommendations from the report which could make the plan better

New Business: Review the Rutland City Master Plan Draft received

  • A copy of the draft master plan for Rutland City was received for the commission to review.
  • A public hearing for their plan is scheduled for March 11th at 6PM at Rutland City Hall

Old Business; Update on the interactive stormwater ordinance map:

  • Bill and Barbara had a call with Watershed Consulting about creating the tool
  • Some direction was given to them and we expect to have a prototype by mid-March.
  • A preliminary quote of $1500 was given.
  • Discussed how best to create the search tool so everyone can find their parcel, especially for parcels that do not have a street address


  1. The consultant who helped with the smart growth study should be at the next meeting.
  2. The Otter Creek solar project is looking to divide 1 of their sites into 2 separate sites, creating Otter Creek solar site 1, 2 and 3. The commission was not notified of the petition as part of their application to get an expedited process. The PUC has denied their petition to split the project so a new application would need to be done by them.
  3. Isovolta recently brough a mylar to be filed related to a boundary line adjustment which was approved on August 22nd.
    • The application had approval vailed for 90 days and it has been well more than that.
    • The attorney who brought in the mylar had stated there was approval delays inside of Isovolta relating to them being an international company and having to determine and locate who could sign the approval of the sale of the piece of property.
    • Discussed if a waiver of the deadline is appropriate and how that could be done
    • Peterson moved to accept the Isovolta Boundary Line Adjustment that corresponds to the mylar presented to the Commission and it be accepted as a valid submission and waive the 90-day filing requirement given the complicated approval process for their company. Ms. Poli seconded the motion. Mr. Peterson stated this motion does not create a precedent if future submissions are late and this is an exception given this was an approval that required international work for approval.
    • The motion passed 6 -1 with Mr. Cohen voting against the motion.

Approval of minutes January 30th, 2020:

Mr. Peterson moved to approve the minutes. Mr. Stearns made a second to the motion. After some clerical changes, the motion passed 5 – 0 with Mr. Hunter and Mr. Burgess abstaining.


Mr. Burgess moved to adjourn. Mr. Stearns made a second to the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet




Barbara Noyes-Pulling

Rutland Town Planning Commission Chair