Planning Commission Minutes 8-6-2020

Planning Commission 8-6-2020



 DATE: August 6th, 2020

Publicly accessible conference line



Present: Chairperson Barbara Noyes-Pulling, Dana Peterson, Howard Burgess, Sherman Hunter, Andy McKane, Jim Hall and Norman Cohen

Approval of the Agenda:

Mr. Hunter moved to approve the agenda. Mr. McKane seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business: Review of proposed Center Rutland Pocket Park’s historical connections

  1. Ms. Noyes-Pulling has spoken to several local historians regarding the efforts to build a park in Center Rutland and the intention to include local historical information about the area. Three or four may attend a future meeting.
  2. The Rutland Historical Society has a sampler of Rutland Town history which lists references for the historical information.
  3. Discussed asking Vermont Marble if they would be interested in providing a display at the park area.
  4. There is a marker on West Proctor Road regarding James Mead, the first settler of Rutland Town
  5. This project could benefit local education, history, and outdoor activity
  6. Discussed having signs with QR codes to link to additional information for the area
  7. A planning grant could be used to help review all the options and see what could be the best fit
  8. Discussed incorporating Proctor and West Rutland into the grant application for a larger project
  9. After a lengthy discussion of other avenues and ideas with a multi town grant application, the commission decided to focus on developing the park first and then moving on to add in aspects and layers in the future.


  1. Provided copies of the Act 250 land use permit amendment for land between East Pittsford Road and Grover Drive. The access would be from Grover Drive. No action needs to be taken.
  2. Updated the group on a recent meeting Select Board members had with owners of the Diamond Run Mall and some of their various future ideas for the complex.

Approval of minutes July 16th, 2020:

  • Mr. Peterson moved to approve the minutes. Mr. Hunter seconded the motion. Some clerical changes were made. The motion was amended to approve the minutes as corrected. Mr. Hunter seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


  • Peterson moved to adjourn. Mr. Cohen seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 7:24 PM.


Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet



Barbara Noyes-Pulling

Rutland Town Planning Commission Chair