Police Committee Minutes 6-8-19

Police Committee Minutes 6-8-19

Rutland Town Select Board

Police Committee Meeting

Saturday, June 8 at 8AM

Rutland Town Offices.


The meeting was called to order at 8AM.  Present were Select Board members Mary Ashcroft, Josh Terenzini and JP Faignant.  Also present were Police Chief Ed Dumas and Deputy Police Chief Ted Washburn.

  1. The Committee went into executive session to discuss a personnel matter; after the Executive Session the committee came out of Executive Session. No action was taken.
  2. The Committee discussed the potential of a large surplus remaining unspent in the police budget at the end of the fiscal year on 6-30-19. At this time, the unspent funds total $60,000, but there are payroll and other obligations still to be paid.  Ted Washburn noted that they had not yet received the bill for the radio in the new cruiser, which was expected to cost $4,600.  Mary Ashcroft asked whether some of surplus could be used for a speed cart to help monitor speeding on town roads.  JP Faignant opposed the use of the surplus for this purpose—he wants any surplus to roll into the town’s general capital construction fund—but felt that the speed cart could be purchased with funds from the new police equipment fund.  The chief will obtain information about the costs and types of speed carts for consideration for purchase in the new fiscal year.
  3. There was general discussion of running more speed enforcement around town once the new fiscal year starts and our new officer comes on board. Josh said that the issue of speed enforcement would be on our next Select Board agenda.
  4. Mary asked whether the Police Department had a 5-year plan, and what was on it. JP Faignant advised that a revolving cruiser replacement plan should be part of the 5-year plan.  Discussion then insured about whether the police department needed more space, and where that space should be provided.  Chief Dumas agreed that more space was already needed with a new officer coming on and with the need for an evidence and gun vault. There was also concern about keeping police cruisers under cover.   The group discussed ideas for housing an expanded police department, including within the new McKinley Fire Station when it is built, and downstairs in the Town Hall. As this was a preliminary discussion only, no decisions were made nor course of action recommended.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9AM.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Ashcroft, Select Board Member