Police & Fire Committee Meeting Minutes

PD & FD Minutes 1-16-19




The Police and Fire Committees of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 5:15 PM on Wednesday, January 16th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Chair Josh Terenzini, Board Member Sharon Russell, Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet, Town Fire Chief Frank Cioffi, Town Police Chief Ed Dumas and Town Emergency Management Director Marty Wasserman.

  • Discussed the installation of VHF and UHF radio equipment at Town Hall for the event Town Hall becomes an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for a large scale town wide emergency.
    • Mr. Wasserman present a quote for hardware and installation totaling $3872.
    • Chief Cioffi discussed concerns about the potential for too many people talking on the fire ground channel at the same time and important messages not being able to get through.
    • Discussed availability of existing radio units, which are handheld, and their limitations.
    • Discussed previous severe weather events (Hurricane Irene and the wind storms) and how they were handled.
    • Discussed staffing an EOC. Who would be there, Select Board members, a Town FD member designated by the Chief, Town PD and other depending on the size and duration of the event and where those people are best located (Town Hall or a Fire Station).
    • No decision was made on whether to recommend for or against the purchase of the radio equipment. The matter will be placed on an upcoming board meeting agenda for the full board to discuss
  • Chief Cioffi informed the committee the Diamond Run Mall is seeking permission from the State Division of Fire Safety to isolate the 3 empty anchor store locations from the rest of the mall, to reduce costs associated with heating those spaces.
    1. Chief Cioffi relayed some of the requirements given to the mall including installation fire rated walls.
    2. A response from the mall has not yet been received on if they will proceed.


There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 5:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted Mr. Bill Sweet.