Press Release Regarding East Pittsford Road Intersection Changes

Press Release Regarding East Pittsford Road


181 Business Route 4 Center Rutland, VT 05736

(802) 773-2528

Town of Rutland, Vermont

Select Board – Press Release

2/6/19 @ 11:00am

At our regularly scheduled meeting on 2/5/19, the select board listened to a presentation given by a project manager from VTRANS. This presentation was a proposal to redesign the intersection located on the East Pittsford Road and Route 7. The board also heard testimony from several town residents who were largely opposed to the proposed changes to this intersection.

Because the board only had 3 of its 5 members in attendance, our vote of 2-1 to maintain the intersection as currently designed was not a binding vote.

There will be a special meeting of the select board on Tuesday, February 12th at 6pm at town hall. We will also have the town attorney’s legal opinion which will outline any legalities surrounding the change in this intersection.


Respectfully Submitted- Joshua C. Terenzini, Board Chairman