Recreation Committee Minutes 5-26-2020

Rec Committee 5-26-2020




The Recreation Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 5:30 PM on Tuesday March 26th, 2020 via a publicly published conference call line. Present was Board Chair Joshua Terenzini, Board Member Sharon Russell, Board Member John Paul Faignant, Town Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet and Town Rec Director Michael Rowe.

The committee discussed employment plans for Northwood Park.

  1. Rowe would like to bring John Tremblay back June 1st for maintenance work. Mr. Faignant asked if a safety plan is in place. Mr. Rowe said there is and it will be discussed with John.

The committee discussed the opening of Northwood Pool.

  1. Rowe said the pool is ready to open as soon as the board says it is ok.
  2. A pool safety plan has been drafted and sent to all the board members for review.
  3. Rowe would like to use wrist band to track admission to the pool using 2-hour windows with cleaning in between
  4. There are no swim lessons planned for this year.
  5. Rowe has investigated the purchase of thermometers to check employees and visitors daily. None have been purchased yet.

The committee discussed other topics of Northwood Park

  1. Rowe said trail work will start soon. The disc golf course will be improved, and trails will be labeled.
  2. The backflow preventer has not been working well for some time and is at a point of failure and needs to be replaced. Mr. Rowe shared 2 quotes with the committee members. Both vendors can start at any time. The work needs to be done prior to opening. One quote is from Paquette Plumbing for $2551.50 and the other is from Bill Lohsen Plumbing for $1550.00. Mr. Faignant said he will recommend to the board accepting the quote from Bill Lohsen.
  3. Discussed replacing the zero-turn mower. The current one has over 800 hours on it. The best trade in value is given for those between 800 and 100 hours. Mr. Rowe provided quotes with pricing and trade in allowance included.
    1. The funds would be used from depreciation accounts.
    2. Russell said it should not be purchased due to the spending freeze.
  4. Rowe said he has observed people using the park for walking and they are observing and respecting the rules at the park.
  5. Rowe said while no swim lessons are planned, some swim fitness programs are planned.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 5:55 PM. Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet