Select Board Agenda 8-4-2020

Select Board Agenda 8-4-2020



Location: Zoom conferencing line

Open Meeting – 6:00 PM

This meeting will take place only on zoom conferencing.

To participate via zoom please call (646) 558-8656 or visit and enter meeting ID 918-2617-6482 Any member of the public is welcome to join.

Meeting Opening

  • Approval of Orders
  • Approval of Select Board Minutes: July 7th, July 21st and July 28th, 2020
  • Questions from the floor: Public Comment

Town Departments

  1. Bill Sweet – Town Administrative Assistant to the Select Board
  2. Kari Clark – Town Clerk & Treasurer
  3. Barbara Noyes-Pulling – Town Planning Commission Chair
  4. Mike Rowe – Town Recreation Director
  5. Byron Hathaway – Town Road Commissioner
  6. Chris Clark – Town Fire Chief
  7. Ed Dumas – Town Police Chief
  8. JP Faignant – Town Health Officer
  9. Committee Meeting Updates
  10. Update on Project List

New Business

  1. Board to discuss the status of Covid-19 response plans and actions
  2. Board to discuss the grant opportunity to digitize the land records
  3. Board to review Transportation Grant paperwork, to be signed.
  4. Board to consider 2020 – 2021 appointments to the Regional Planning Commission
  5. Board to meet in executive session with Town Delinquent Tax Collector Jim Scholtz
  6. Any other new business

Old Business

  1. Any old business

Tabled Business

  1. Board to discuss the cost and application for the operational storm water permit for Northwood Park.
  2. Tabled motion to deny the request made by the property owner of the Diamond Run Mall property to adjust their taxes.