Water and Sewer Committee Minutes 8-12-2020

Water & Sewer 8-12-2020




The Water & Sewer Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 1:00 PM on Wednesday August 12th at the Rutland Town Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet, Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway, and Town Lister Howard Burgess. There was a conference call line with a publicly accessible and warned phone number in use.

  • The committee discussed the status of the Randbury Road water line.
    1. Construction is expected to begin by the end of this month with it being completed by the end of October.
    2. Byron will follow up with Robert Clark from Otter Creek Engineering
  • Discussed the water / sewer inventory
    1. Byron has been moving along with this project.
    2. There is some more to be done along Randbury Road, Seward Road, and the Homer Depot plaza
    3. Flory Heights is done, but noticed several manholes need flushing
  • Byron said that Rutland City was asking about acquiring a section of Northwood Park.
    1. The area they would like is owned by the Town School. They had discussed the possibility of a land swap.
    2. The City needs this to secure an area for a possible future site for an additional storage tank. This area is adjacent to their existing ones.
    3. The School Board would need to be involved in any negotiation.
  • Sewer allocation for Kinney Motors – 128 US Route 7 South
    1. Bill researched the records and could not find any approval for the building at 128 US Route 7 South. He contacted Kinney Motors and spoke to Dave Lambert. He was able to provide us with a letter they received from the city in 1990 stating they had the capacity to handle 1250 GPD from the 2 buildings. There was an additional letter from our office to the original owner of the property saying an allocation had been granted but it did not specify that it included both lots.
    2. The committee discussed sending a letter to Kinney Motors informing them we will combine their 2 properties under 1 master allocation. A draft will be included in the packet for the next board meeting.
    3. The combined usage for the 2 buildings is less than the overall allocation so they will be in compliance with the ordinance.
  • Sewer Allocation for Alderman’s Toyota – 33 Seward Road
    1. There are 3 buildings located on their property here. There is a new car building, a used car building and a car wash. They have 3 separate sewer accounts with the City of Rutland. Only 1 sewer discharge allocation is on file for this address.
    2. The allocation is for 2695 GPD. The new car building used 27 GPD, the used car building used 46 GPD and the car wash used 9292 GPD in 2019.
    3. The committee reviewed the ordinance to see what it specified for application costs and if any mechanism existed to reduce or waive the fee. None are included.
    4. Discussed the possibility of a sliding fee scale for application cost which would benefit users applying for large allocations. This would require the ordinance being amended.
    5. Discussed combining the properties under 1 master allocation, which would reduce the cost of the permit needed to cover their additional usage.
    6. There is a water reclaim system at the car wash but ultimately an exchange of clean water for the recycled water is done and the used water is discharged.
    7. Discussed Howard speaking with Mark Youngstrom, formerly of Otter Creek Engineering, regarding the cost of the allocation. He has a lot of knowledge in this field.
    8. The committee will recommend to the full board combining the 3 buildings under 1 allocation, using the remainder of the unused allocation towards what is needed for the car wash and the balance would need to be paid for using the current requirements.
    9. The Permit fee to cover the 9292 GPD would be $46,825. Using the credit from the other building, it would reduce the application fee to $33,350
  • Sewer Allocation for East Asian Cuisine – 283 US Route 4 East
    1. This building is located in the Home Depot plaza. It was thought to have been on the Alpine Pipeline, but after research it was determined it is on a separate sewer line.
    2. The were contact by letter to request they obtain an allocation from the town.
    3. They asked for the landlord to be contacted, Juster Associates, for them to compete the application.
    4. The landlord replied, through their local council, denying they needed to have an allocation ands that it existed for the entire plaza. They provided substantial documentation to support their decision. Ms. Ashcroft took the documentation to review it.
    5. Their usage average in 2019 was 1169 GPD.
  • Overdue account from Flory Heights
    1. There is currently only 1 account with a past due balance from the Flory Heights accounts. It is from 60 Barrett Hill.
    2. Their average bill is about $9 per quarter and they have a past due balance over $60.
    3. Attempts have been made by email and mail to reach the owner without success.
    4. The house in unoccupied.
    5. The owner is also delinquent on their taxes.
    6. Discussed referring the matter to the delinquent tax collector for a possible tax sale
  • Review of the water ordinance
    1. Reviewed the ordinance for water allocations in the town
    2. There are no records that have been located that show granted allocations
    3. Some residents have contacted us recently asking about it because they have called the city looking to connect and were told they have to come to the town and obtain an allocation first.
    4. No process currently exists.
    5. The ordinance was passed in 1993. Bill will contact Kevin Brown to see if he knows what led up to this being passed.
    6. We will discuss this with Robert Clark and see if he has any input as to what an appropriate fee schedule would be.
  • Ground Round Sewer line
    1. Byron said he inspected it recently and it needs to be cleaned. There is a maintenance agreement with the owners of the restaurant. Attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful.
    2. Discussed if the town could or should clean it and then recover the cost from the owners.
    3. No decision was made, further attempts to contact them will be made.

The meeting adjourned at 2:18 PM

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet