Building Committee Minutes 3-27-19

Building Committee 3-27-19




The Building Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 9:00 AM on Wednesday March 27th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board Member Joseph Denardo, Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet, Town Clerk & Treasurer Kirsten Hathaway and Joe Paston from Wright Construction, Mike Carbonneau from Vermont Correctional Industries.

  • Meet with Joe Paston regarding the clerks office remodel
    1. Paston was invited to speak to the committee regarding the remodel project for the Clerk & Treasurer office.
    2. He was provided with an overview of the project
    3. Discussed the timeline, starting late June / early July and wrapping up by early fall
    4. Did a walkthrough of the office and reviewed what the concepts are for the changes
    5. Paston estimated the project could be completed in approximately 6 weeks
    6. Discussed the possibility of restoring the original tin ceiling
    7. Discussed options for flooring, including restoring the original hardwood floors depending on condition
    8. Discussed that during the construction phase, access to the vault must be maintained
    9. Sections of the existing wall paneling, flooring and ceiling will be removed to investigate what is concealed to determine if issues exist
    10. Discussed the unlikely scenario of any asbestos tile existing
    11. The original trim should be able to be reused.
    12. Paston indicated their company would be interested in bidding on the project
  • Review the proposal received for window treatments
    1. Vermont Shade and Blind provided an estimate after coming in to look at our building and measure all the windows.
    2. The quote is for a new blind for each window, including materials, labor and removal of all old hardware.
    3. The total price quoted was $3100.
    4. A recommendation will be made to the full board to approve the purchase
  • Review options for new audience chairs for the board room
    1. Reviewed 3 different options of chairs with and without arms and different types of material.
    2. A decision on chairs with arms and black vinyl upholstery was made.
    3. A recommendation will be made to the full board to approve the purchase of 20 chairs for $1029.95.
    4. The old chairs will be stored downstairs and offered to anyone who would like one.
  • Reviewed options for upgrading the lighting in the hallway
    1. Reviewed pricing for new LED flat panel lights received.
    2. Used a sample panel to check light output and placement.
    3. 3 X 2×2 and 3 X 2×4 panels would be the best option to replace all the lighting in the hallway.
    4. The total cost for 6 panels would be approximately $250 not including installation.
    5. A recommendation will be made to the full board to purchase the lights.
  • Discussed installing a dropbox outside next to the front door.
    1. Would be used for residents to drop off payments in a secure location outside of normal office hours.
    2. It would only be accessible by Kirsten or Susan.
  • Met with Mike Carbonneau from VCI.
    1. Carbonneau was invited to review the office remodel project and take measurements for a new main counter, new office desks and a work space for researchers.
    2. We discussed the plan for the room
    3. Stressed durability of the horizontal work surfaces is critical
    4. Carbonneau took measurements and will provide us with a quote
  • Discussed upgrading the lighting for the parking lot
    1. The new lights would be a significant upgrade to the current lights
    2. Efficiency Vermont has rebates available for new exterior lighting
    3. The current rebates would cover the entire cost of the fixtures
    4. The only cost would be for installation, and was quoted at approximately $425
    5. A recommendation will be made to the full board to purchase the new lights and have them installed for a final cost not to exceed $500
  • There are several items the committee was not able to address today and will be deferred to the next meeting
    1. Installing stall walls in the restrooms
    2. Repairing the downstairs doors to reduce drafts and bugs
    3. Purchase of a dry erase board for the board room to replace the chalkboard
    4. Town Hall phone system
    5. Having Kirstens sign in front of the building mounted to the building
    6. Creating a bid request to be posted for mowing

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 10:40 AM.

Respectfully submitted Bill Sweet.