Select Board Agenda 4-2-19

Select Board Agenda 4-2-19




Open Meeting – 6:00 PM

Location – Municipal Town Hall 181 Business Route 4 Center Rutland, VT 05736

Meeting Opening

  • Pledge Of Allegiance
  • Approval of Orders
  • Approval of Select Board Minutes : 3/19/2019
  • Questions from the floor: Public Comment

Town Departments

  1. Bill Sweet – Town Administrative Assistant to the Select Board
  2. Barbara Noyes-Pulling – Town Planning Commission Chair
  3. Kirsten Hathaway – Town Clerk and Treasurer
  4. Mike Rowe – Town Recreation Director
  5. Byron Hathaway – Town Road Commissioner
  6. Francis Cioffi – Town Fire Chief
  7. Ed Dumas – Town Police Chief
  8. JP Faignant – Town Health Officer
  9. Committee Meeting Updates
  10. Progress on Various Projects

New Business

  1. 7PM – Public Hearing for reclassification of Dyer Road and a small section of Sugarwood Hill
  2. Board to discuss what to do with the trees in front of Town Hall
  3. Board to review new committee assignments
  4. Board to review and discuss information from Watershed Consulting Associates
  5. Board to vote on resolution to support an application for an electric vehicle charging station grant.
  6. Board to meet with local 4H group to discuss a proposed coin drop
  7. Board to discuss a preplan for an active shooter event
  8. Board to recognize Town Forest Fire Warden Joseph Denardo
  9. Any other business

Old Business

  1. Board to discuss proposals for solar power arrays.
  2. Board to finalize permit for Hubbard’s Salvage yard
  3. Any other business