Building Committee Minutes 3-14-19

Building Committee 3-14-19




The Building Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 9:00 AM on Thursday March 14th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board Member Joseph Denardo, Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet, Town Clerk & Treasurer Kirsten Hathaway and Steve Costello from Green Mountain Power.

  • Costello provided information on a new program to help municipalities transition their use of fossil fuels to renewable energy. This program may be able to provide some incentive funds, as a cash payment, to the town to help facilitate the move.
    1. Discussed the plans to install heat pumps in the Clerks and Listers offices
    2. GMP may be able to give funds to the town to help with the purchase
    3. GMP is currently producing about 90% of their power from carbon free sources
    4. They can assist with planning with energy efficiencies in the new fire station when ready
    5. Reviewed the various municipal buildings and the value of adding heat pumps to different locations. The transfer station would be a good candidate.
    6. The building committee will schedule a meeting with Dan Mackey from GMP who specializes in evaluating spaces for heat pumps.
    7. Discussed coordinating with Efficiency Vermont to review solutions to reduce the power bill at Northwood Pool. Mr. Mackey from GMP can help with this as well.
    8. Discussed the 2 current solar power proposals from Same Sun and Triland Partners.
      1. Mr. Costello gave advice and opinions on the proposals.
        1. Consider the source and technology of the panels
        2. Consider the long term partnership with the partner
        3. Check their references
      2. Discussed the longevity of the panels and their ability to effectively produce power
  • Reviewed options for power storage and benefits.
  1. Discussed whether to present to the board a recommendation to solicit proposals from other vendors or not. A recommendation will be made in favor.
  2. Mike Rowe, Bill Bauer and Byron Hathaway will be invited to the meeting with GMP.
  • Discussed window treatment options for Town Hall. A vendor is coming on Monday the 18th to bring samples and measure the windows to provide a quote.
  • Discussed the remodel of the clerks office and possible reconfigurations.
    1. More contractors will be contacted to see if they are interested in reviewing the project.
    2. Discussed options for new furniture. VT Correctional Industries will be contacted to come and review our needs and measure for new desks and a new counter.
  • Reviewed a bid specification for upcoming electrical work needed at Town Hall. Made some changes and approved. Bid specs will be sent directly to vendors and posted online.
  • Reviewed various other projects being considered for Town Hall.
    1. Upgraded lighting inside and outside
    2. New desks in the clerks office
    3. New filing cabinets for the clerks office
    4. Repair of the monument out front or a replacement with a new design
    5. New chairs for the public in the meeting room.
  • A follow up meeting will be scheduled for March 27th at 9AM.


There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 10:40 AM.

Respectfully submitted Mr. Bill Sweet.

A copy of the conceptual design for the office will be attached to the minutes.