Building Committee Minutes 4-30-19

Building Committee 4-30-19




The Building Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 3:00 PM on Tuesday April 30th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Chair Josh Terenzini, Board member Joe Denardo, Town Clerk & Treasurer Kirsten Hathaway, Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  • Repairing basement doors
    1. There are several gaps around the 2 outside doors downstairs. This allows bugs and rodents to enter the building. Mr. Denardo will contact Bernie Valente to address this issue.
    2. Valente will also be asked to touch up the paint in some areas around town hall which has had recent work ( the ceiling in the hall due to new lighting and windows due to new blinds)
  • 2019 – 2021 Mowing Bid
    1. Reviewed the draft of a bid request. Bill will reach out to the vendor, B.K. Services, who has done the work for the last few years to ask about adding 2 additional properties. If the quote is reasonable the town would resign with them. If not, it will be put out to bid.
  • Town Hall Phone System
    1. Discussed the issues experience with the current system, not being able to view missed calls, no ability to transfer to voicemail if the phone is in use.
    2. Discussed the benefits of the new system including much less complicated hardware to run the system
    3. 2 quotes have been received, both are around $5000.
    4. After some discussion the committee will recommend to the full board to move forward with the purchase and installation of the system
  • Installing stall walls in the bathrooms.
    1. There were some previous issues with the locks not working correctly causing the door to not be able to be locked. The wall would give some additional privacy protection. The committee elected to have Bernie Valente provide some options on a secondary lock. Mr. Denardo will discuss this with him as well.
  • Dry erase board for the board room
    1. The committee would like to replace the old chalk board with a dry erase board.
    2. Hathaway may have 1 available, if he does not a new one will be purchased.
  • Hanging Kirstens sign outside the building
    1. Discussed hanging the marble sign outside on the building rather than having the iron pipe.
    2. Mr.  Denardo will have Bernie Valente look into it.
  • Establishing a static IP address with Comcast.
    1. Discussed the background of the need, arising from some recent connectivity issues
    2. Bill will contact Comcast and establish this service
  • Installing a drop box by the front door.
    1. Mr. Denardo will discuss with Bernie Valente, if it is feasible one will be purchased to be installed
  • Discussed using marble from the previous Center Rutland Fire Station building for use on the face of the counter in the clerks office for the remodel.
    1. A piece will be taken to Gawet Marble to see if it can economically be cut to be able to be used.
  • Reviewed a quote for all new furniture, counters and filing cabinets for the clerks office remodel.
    1. The total quoted cost is $9227.30, including delivery and installation
    2. The price includes 3 new desks, a new customer counter and storage, a new counter for the researchers and lateral filing cabinets.
    3. Discussed purchasing it from this current fiscal years budget, depending on the balance of remaining funds. This would be preferred to allow for more projects in the next fiscal years cycle.
    4. This would take priority over replacing the phone system prior to July 1st.
  • Discussed installing a new doorway connecting the listers office and the clerks office directly.
    1. Reviewed placement and security options.
    2. No decision was made. Will need to work with future contractors to review.
  • Discussed evidence found of mice in the building.
    1. Before contacting an exterminator, some traps will be purchased and deployed around the building.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 3:50 PM

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.