Building Committee Minutes 8-7-19

Building Committee 8-7-19




The Building Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 9:00 AM on Wednesday August 7th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Chair Josh Terenzini, Board member Joe Denardo and Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  • Discussed balances for the current fiscal year in various building operation and maintenance funds.
  • Remodel of Clerk & Treasurer Office
    1. Discussed the addition of the split face marble on the customer side of the counter. Mr. Denardo brought a piece of the marble to Gawet Marble to get an estimate on cutting it. It would cost $42.50 per square foot for the cutting work.
    2. Discussed the possibility of refinishing the hardwood flooring, which is assumed to be under the carpeting. A section of carpet was pulled up which exposed plywood subflooring. Further work was not done to expose what is under it. Discussed having the successful bidding contractor pull up the floor in the back office and determine if the floor can be refinished or not.
    3. The contractor that came for the site visit discussed the need for secondary egress routes as part of the remodel project. It will be required to include this due to the level of work being done. This would need to include a 2nd doorway out, which would go into the Listers office and the possible need to replace at least 1 window to one that meets size requirements for the code.
    4. Discussed protection for the new desk and counter surfaces. Discussed using plexi glass, lexan or glass. Exact sizes of what is needed is not yet know but options will be looked into once work areas are determined.
  • Discussed replacing the phone system at Town Hall
    1. Reviewed the deficiencies with the current system
    2. Discussed costs, implementation and benefits of a new system
    3. Reviewed quote received for replacement from APC services
    4. Discussed using funds from the capital improvement fund
    5. The committee will recommend replacing the system to the full board
  • Reviewed a quote received from Royal Lock & Alarm for a vault smoke detection system. The quote was for $1895.25. We applied for the cost in the safety front through VLCT and the grant application was approved. We would be eligible for up to 50% reimbursement.
    1. The funds would come from the capital improvement fund.
    2. The committee will recommend to the full board to proceed with the project.
  • Discussed interconnecting town buildings via the internet
    1. Reviewed a possible opportunity with Green Mountain Power to use fiber optic cables.
    2. The costs are unknown; a preliminary conversation is being conducted with them.
    3. Implementation costs can be recovered over time with reduced or eliminated costs from monthly services no longer being needed.
  • Discussed the 5 year plan for the Municipal Building.
    1. Reviewed a copy of the 5 year plan which was written in 2016. Many of the items identified were completed. This list will be looked at during a future meeting and updated new goals
  • Discussed the monument out front of Town Hall.
    1. Some local gardeners have been contacted to see if they will help with the area around the monument.
    2. Discussed options for refurbishing or redesigning the current monument
    3. Funds could come from building improvements or possibly a separate ballot item
    4. Discussed replacing it with a new overall design, similar to what West Rutland installed, this would allow the addition of more names from other wars.
  • Discussed moving Town Hall computers to Microsoft 365.
    1. We are currently running independent versions of MS Office on the 5 main work stations. Of the 5 work stations, there are 3 separate versions of MS Office installed.
    2. The cost is $12.50 per month per user. The total annual cost is $1950 for the number of users we have. We would be able to reduce new equipment expenses by $500 annually due to not having to purchase MS office for new machine and reduce our email expense by an additional $390 due to this service being included with Microsoft 365. The difference in expense would be $1060 annually.
    3. The committee was not able to reach a consensus and the topic will be discussed at a future board meeting


There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 10:15 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.