Fire Committee Minutes 5-17-19

Fire Committee 5-17-19




The Fire Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 9:30 AM on Friday May 17th at Town Hall. Present was Board Chair Joshua Terenzini, Board member John Paul Faignant, Town Fire Chief Chris Clark, Town Deputy Chief Mike Carlson, and Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  • Discussed the need to replace the failed water softener system at the McKinley Avenue fire station.
    1. Marty Wasserman had previously given Chief Cioffi pricing information but it was never approved for purchase.
    2. The water may need to be retested if the report from the original test after the new well was connected cannot be found.
    3. Johnson Energy, a preferred vendor, may be a source to obtain the water softener and provide installation.
    4. The cost for replacing this system should come from building maintenance since there is an existing system but it has failed.
    5. Chief Clark will contact Johnson Energy and coordinate purchase and installation.
  • Reviewed the current budget status sheet for the remainder of this current fiscal year.
    1. Purchases going forward will be accounted for under their specific and correct line item to ensure an accurate representation of expenses is given and better budget planning can be done.
  • Discussed the current status of members who have either resigned or been dismissed from the department, who still have town owned property including gear and pagers.
    1. A letter will be drafted by Bill to be sent to each individual requesting the equipment back and providing a timeline. It will be sent by certified and regular mail.
  • Discussed current staffing levels in the department. The number of members responding to call during the day during the week is down, which is a trend seen by most volunteer departments.
    1. A focused recruiting effort has not been done in the past. Some ideas discussed were
      1. Open houses, community events
      2. Dedicating a table at the Town Wide Celebration to recruiting
      3. Sending a letter to High School Seniors
      4. Dedicating the next article in “The Circle” to recruiting.
  • Discussed the progress of purchasing a new utility truck for the Center Rutland Fire Station.
    1. The Ford Ranger, currently at McKinley Avenue will eventually be replaced with the pick up currently in Center Rutland.
    2. After the new truck is in service the existing truck will be sent to Earls truck repair to complete some body work
  • Reviewed the current vehicle replacement schedule. No changes to the dates listed will be made at this time.
  • Discussed the possible need to replace the current Engine 3 prior to its recommended date. Issues with the pump are ongoing and some possible structural issues with the frame have been identified.
    1. Chief Clark will research a replacement cost for the pump, if necessary and what potential frame issue exist and related repair costs.
  • Reviewed the account information on the Sutton Account. Account signers need to be updated. The documentation will be prepared for a future meeting to be signed by all parties being added.
  • Discussed the future plans to replace the McKinley Avenue Fire Station.
    1. A land swap with adjacent land owners will be necessary.
    2. Joe Denardo had been looking into this.
    3. This will be discussed at the next board meeting.
  • Discussed a recent mutual aid response to Rutland City for a fire.
    1. Reviewed the response for equipment and manpower that had been done in the past and what the current chief has asked for. Response guidelines may need to be established.
  • Discussed replacing the lights which illuminate the sign at the Center Rutland Station.
    1. The current lights have never worked well and only provide a spot light, leaving much of the sign in the dark.
    2. This will discussed at the next board meeting.
  • Reviewed the discussed the current pay scale for the department members and officers.
    1. Given the growing responsibilities for the Chief and Deputy Chiefs in regards to administrative work a recommendation will be made to increase the pay rate of the Chief to $25 per hour the Deputy Chief rate to $18 per hour and $12 per hour for all other members.
  • Reviewed the change to the 911 numbers for The Meadows and The Gables. This will be shared with the members at an upcoming business meeting.
  • Reviewed various parade invitations for Memorial Day.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 10:40 AM

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.