Highway Committee Minutes 5-17-19

Highway Committee 5-17-19




The Highway Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 8:00 AM on Friday May 17th near 731 Grover Drive. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board member Joe Denardo, Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway, Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet and Jim Ragosta.

  • Reviewed a section of land under an easement to the Town of Rutland which was dug out by the owner of the adjacent property and is being used to store water which is being pumped into it from his perimeter drain sump pump system.
    1. The area dug out is part of a town owned storm water management area.
    2. The town acquired an easement from land owner Red Grover for the purpose of storm water management.
    3. The adjacent property owner, Mr. James Ragosta, has asked the town to install a culvert under Grover Drive adjacent to the excavated area to allow the water to drain across the road.
      1. Mr. Hathaway stated he has taken elevation measurements and this would not be feasible and could in fact allow more water to drain into the area rather than away from it.
    4. The perimeter drain pump hose terminates approximately 30 feet into the town easement area. The issue was first discovered by the Town Highway crew when Mr. Ragosta called them last winter because his pump discharge was freezing and he wanted the town to remediate the problem.
      1. The pump was noticed to be running more than 10 times while the committee was on site.
    5. Ragosta stated he needs to pump the water out so the water doesn’t cross the road or flood his leach field (located in front of his house) and he received verbal permission from Red Grover to discharge water into this area. Mr. Ragosta also stated that when the water is extremely high, he pumps the water across the road through his discharge hose.
    6. Ragosta stated he initially dug this area out because the ground level was high and pushed the water onto his property.
      1. Mr. Ragosta has already spoken to his neighbor to the west and has received permission to run a drain line across his property and to his pond.
      2. Mr. Ragosta offered to purchase the necessary culvert pipe if the town would do the excavation work.
  • Mr. Hathaway will do some work to see what that kind of work the project would involve to install the culvert down the south side of Grover Drive to allow the drain to connect to the pond. He will bring it up at a future board meeting.
  1. The original soil is still on site, located in a pile near where it was taken from. Simply moving it back to its original location will not correct the problem created by the excavation due to the nature of the soil and its original properties. It would need to be replaced with sand and an organic material to begin restoration. This would need to be done in conjunction with an engineering firm who specializes in wetlands.
  2. There was no known history of water running over this section of road prior to the installation of the pump. The house was constructed in 2017.
  3. Hathaway estimated, based on specifications and information received from Mr. Ragosta, that as much as 30,000 to 40,000 gallons of water per day are being pumped into this area. This area was not expected to accommodate this additional water volume.
  4. Ways to notify Mr. Ragosta of his responsibility to remove his property from the town easement area and begin restoration of the wetland was discussed. It was decided Bill will send a letter to him outlining his remedy responsibilities.
  • Discussed any storm water projects which may need to be completed by the Town Highway crew this year. Bill will contact Andres Torizzo from Watershed Consulting Associates to solicit and project needs.
  • Hathaway said most other projects are complete. Carryover funds were used in order to stay ahead of the paving crews.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 8:45 AM

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.