Fire Station Committee Minutes 9-17-19

Fire Station Committee Minutes 9-17-19




The Fire Station Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 4:30 PM on September 17th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Chair Joshua Terenzini, Board Member Sharon Russell, Town Fire Chief Chris Clark, Town Assistant Fire Chief Mike Carlson, Town Assistant Fire Chief Larry Dellveneri, Town Deputy Police Chief Ted Washburn and Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  1. The committee is meeting to discuss the future replacement on the McKinley Avenue fire station.
  2. The committee discussed preliminary scope of the size of the building and determined it would need to have 5 bays. 4 for the Fire Department and 1 for the Police Department.
  3. An adjacent property owner was going to be contacted about a proposed land swap but as of this meeting still has not been arranged or agreed to.
  4. Russell suggested looking into other locations and gave an example of the former Garden Time property on Route 7 North.
  5. To have enough space for the Fire and Police Departments a larger building footprint would be needed. Adding a second floor could help but would lead to increased costs in construction.
  6. Discussed the possibility of adding a retaining wall and expanding out the parking lot to the south, giving more room for the new building.
  7. Terenzini has met with town residents who have expressed their opinion on where a new fire station should go, such as on the South end of the town and in the area of Killington Avenue.
  8. Terenzini has heard negative comments about combining the Police and Fire departments into 1 building.
  9. Discussed the article in the Rutland Herald. It presented incorrect information which has led to issues with the perception of this project.
  10. Chief Chris Clark offered to attempt to reach out to the adjacent property owner 1 more time to try to reach an agreement.
  11. Discussed the new well. It provides between 3 and 5 gallons per minute, which would not be sufficient to support a sprinkler system. A storage tank would be needed, this would need to be designed by an engineer.
  12. Discussed scenarios where the Police Department may not share a facility with the Fire Department
    1. Possibility of remodeling the downstairs at Town Hall
    2. Possibility of using the Cheney Hill building, and what would need to be done to this property to meet the needs of the PD.
  13. Discussed hiring an architect to give the committee some concepts of what could be put on the property, similar to what was done during the initial phases of the replacement of the Center Rutland fire station.
  14. There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 5:03 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.