Select Board Minutes 9-17-19

Select Board Minutes 9-17-19




SEPTEMBER 17th, 2019


  • Board members present: Josh Terenzini, Mary Ashcroft, Sharon Russell, John Paul Faignant
  • Meeting opened at 6:00 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Orders

The Board approved the orders

Approval of Select Board Minutes for September 3rd:

  • Russell moved to approve the minutes, Mr. Faignant seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.


Bill Sweet Administrative Assistant to the Select Board:

  1. Presented updated committee agenda items
  2. The transfer station roof extension has been completed and an invoice for the balance is in the orders.
    1. Transfer station manager Bill Bauer provided a quote to the board from Wilber Electric in the amount of $2400 to replace the balance of the old lighting with upgraded LED lighting. This pricing includes rebates from efficiency Vermont.
      1. Mr. Faignant moved to approve the quote. Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. After discussion, the motion passed 4-0.
    2. Presented the updated personnel policy, from the recent personnel committee meeting.
      1. Faignant moved to adopt the updated policy. Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
    3. Provided a copy of the private fire hydrant ordinance and a copy of the inspection from, at the copy of Select Board member Joe Denardo. It will be included for the next meeting.
    4. Provided draft copies of letters to be sent to select property owners on Chasanna Drive soliciting interest in selling the town an easement for the shared use path. Ms. Ashcroft moved to approve signing and sending the letters. Mr. Faignant seconded the motion.  The motion passed 4-0.
    5. Presented a draft security camera policy, from the recent personnel committee. Ms. Ashcroft moved to adopt the policy. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
    6. Presented a draft Drug and Alcohol policy for commercial vehicle operators, from the recent personnel committee meeting. Ms. Ashcroft moved to adopt the policy. Mr. Faignant seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
    7. Provided an update on the Randbury Road water line project from Robert Clark at Otter Creek Engineering.
    8. Gave a report on behalf of Planning Commission chairperson Barbara Noyes-Pulling.
      1. The mailing project for the stormwater ordinance has been completed and a public meeting is planned for October 24th, with Andres Torizzo from Watershed Consulting attending.

Mr. Terenzini stated he received a phone call from Joe Anthony at Zamias and he had asked to schedule a meeting with the board. The meeting will be warned for and take place on Monday September 23rd starting ay 6 PM, at Town Hall.

New Business: Board to review bids for Clerk and Treasurer office remodel:

Mr. Terenzini opened a bid received from Kyle Bedard builders for the remodel of the Clerk and Treasurers office. The bid was the only one received and it was for $36,330.5 with hardwood floors, 2×2 ceiling tiles and salvaging the original trim and $39,117.50 with new carpet, new 2×4 ceiling tiles and all new trim. The advertising of requests for bids was reviewed. It was published in the Rutland Herald, posted on Facebook, posted on our website and mailed directly to several firms. Mr. Faignant moved to rebid the project. Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0 with Mr. Terenzini abstaining.

Kirsten Hathaway Rutland Town Clerk/Treasurer:

  1. Presented a third-class liquor license renewal, from East Restaurant LLC. Mr. Faignant moved to approve. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

Mike Rowe Rutland Town Recreation Director:

  1. Updated the board on a recent Eagle Scout project completed at Northwood Park, done by town resident Alex Stute. He reused slate from the Town hall roof to create trail signs. They will be installed in the spring. A thank you letter will be sent.
  2. Soccer and flag football seasons have begun.
  3. The Town School Halloween party will be Friday November 1st, from 5pm to 7pm in the gym at the school.
  4. The basketball and tennis courts at Northwood Park have been redone and look great.
  5. The camera systems for the rec buildings are being installed and will be online soon.

Byron Hathaway Rutland Town Road Commissioner:

  1. Introduced Mr. Jason Bathlon, the newest hire for the Town Highway Crew.
  2. Discussed the Municipal Highway and stormwater mitigation grant program is available and would like to look at it for next year, which can include sand and salt sheds. This could be used to increase the capacity from 1/3 of a year to a full year.
  3. Transportation Alternative grants, which could be used for the sidewalk project discussed near McKinley Avenue, are due November 22nd. This requires a public hearing for the application. October 1st would be the best date for the public hearing to be scheduled.
  4. The crew has been putting up the 25 MPH signs on the town roads where the limits were lowered. Also, the sign for truck parking has been installed on the end of Cop John Drive.
  5. Ronn has dropped off paperwork in regards to Carmel Place, but it will not meet the requirements of what is needed. He will meet with Mr. Ronn to go over specifics.


Chris Clark Rutland Town Fire Chief:

  1. The new utility truck is being built and should be ready soon.
  2. The department responded to 24 fire calls in August.
  3. Hathaway thanked the Fire Department for their help in cleaning out some manholes recently.
  4. Terenzini reviewed a recent meeting on the replacement on the McKinley Avenue fire station.


Ted Washburn Rutland Town Deputy Police Chief:

  1. Recent calls for service were provided.
  2. Thanked the fire department for the use of their station to install the equipment in the new truck and thanked bill for helping do the work.
  3. Officer Houle was not able to be here tonight due to a school function going on.

Ms. Ashcroft gave an update on a town property owner request to purchase an adjacent parcel to his from the town. Ms. Ashcroft has been unable to find where the town acquired this right of way, after much research. The now dissolved fire district owned an area around the well, but the right of way was never conveyed to the town. The property owner would need to hire an attorney to try to determine ownership and then come back to the board.

The board reviewed a permit received from Jim Ragosta on Grover Drive regarding excavating in the Town Right of Way. Mr. Hathaway discussed with the board some of his concerns with the way the permit was submitted. Mr. Faignant moved to table the approval. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

Ms. Russell moved to enter executive session for a personnel matter and possible litigation. Ms Ashcroft seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. The board entered executive session at 6:48 PM.


Upon leaving executive session, with no action being taken, Ms. Russell moved to adjourn. Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 6:59 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Mr. Bill Sweet



















Joshua C. Terenzini, Chairman
Mary Ashcroft, Clerk
John Paul Faignant
Joseph Denardo
Sharon Russell


Center Rutland, VT.