Highway Committee Meeting 2-28-19

Highway Committee 2-28-19




The Highway Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 10:00 AM on Thursday February 28th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board Member Joseph Denardo, Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet, Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway.

  • Request for Town to take over Carmel Place
    1. Hathaway has been talking with Andres Torizzo of Watershed Consulting Associates about the storm water pond in the area, which the town will be taking over. They agree it would make sense for the town to take over Carmel Place to be able to control run off.
    2. The road was built originally by Rod Cioffi.
    3. Hathaway stated the road was well built.
    4. Hathaway stated he believed Phil Douglas was the engineer.
    5. Discussion of requesting a written formal request from the homeowners requesting the town to take over the road.
    6. Discussion of having a representative from the homeowners association attend a meeting of the full board so the board can communicate what would be needed to consider.
    7. Hathaway will contact the homeowners association to start the process.
  • Review letter received from Select Board members of Waterbury and Strafford regarding a fuel tax.
    1. Discussion if the board would like to provide official support at this time.
    2. Decision to take no action at this time, progress of the legislation will be monitored.
  • Ice on Creek Road
    1. Hathaway reported on some issues with one of the plowing contractors
    2. There are no formal contracts with any of the contractors with the town
    3. Discussed options for the future if current vendors are no longer available, including bringing the job of plowing the town roads in house via PT staff.
    4. Discussed the option of having a contract for plowing with other public or private entities.
    5. Reviewed options for purchasing different plow trucks
    6. Town Highway will likely need to obtain its own radio channel in the near future. Mr. Denardo would like that to be done right away.
    7. A gradual move away from independent contractors may be appropriate.
    8. The topic will be brought before the full board.
  • Shared Use Path
    1. Discussed recent conversation with property owners regarding acquiring the needed land to construct the path
    2. Need to schedule another meeting to go over other options
    3. Discussed options of possible offers to make to property owners including:
      1. $1000 up front to secure an easement
      2. Up to an additional $3500 to purchase the easement
  • Install aesthetics within reason for screening
  1. A recognition to the family via a sign placed along the path

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted Mr. Bill Sweet.