Highway Committee Minutes 11-12-19

Highway Committee Minutes 11-12-19




The Highway Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 8:30 AM on Tuesday November 12th at the Rutland Town Center Rutland Fire Station. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board member Joe Denardo Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway and Town Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  1. The committee reviewed the draft budget proposal for 2020 – 2021.
    1. Discussed the potential for any projects requiring engineering coming up for this budget cycle. Nothing is currently planned.
    2. Reviewed all lines of the proposed budget, compared with items needed to complete progress on the 5 year plan.
    3. Discussed some changes to the proposed draft.
    4. Final draft from the meeting gave a total budget of $1,062,400 representing a 10.78% increase over last year.
  2. Reviewed the Chasanna Drive sidewalk project.
    1. No property owners have come forward yes that are willing to give, or sell, the town an easement for the path to be constructed.
    2. Discussed some alternatives for other property owners who are farther from the original preferred area but could still give connected access.
  3. The Town of Clarendon will be buying out our share of the roadside mower for $9000. A new mower will need to be purchased.
    1. Discussed a potential agreement with the Town of Mendon for a new mower with 2/3 share for Rutland Town and 1/3 share for the Town of Mendon.
    2. The Town of Rutland would have priority.
    3. Hathaway gave a preliminary estimate of $60,000, representing our share.
  4. Hathaway is looking into grant opportunities to add an additional salt shed at Northwood Park. It would be located adjacent to our existing salt shed and would substantially increase our storage ability.
  5. Discussed establishing a formal contract with all snow plow contractors currently used by the Town of Rutland. This would spell out guidelines and penalties specifically. A current vendor was unable to provide drivers for all of their routes during a snow storm.
  6. Discussed a drainage issue brought to the attention of the Select Board by a resident on Columbus Drive. The Select Board referred it to the Highway Committee.
    1. The committee reviewed the issue and possible mitigation actions.
    2. No action will be taken at this time.



There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM.  Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.