Highway Committee Minutes 4-21-2020

Highway Committee 4-21-2020



TUESDAY APRIL 21st, 2020

The Highway Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 10:20 AM on Tuesday April 21st at the Rutland Town Hall. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board Member Joe Denardo, Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway, Town Clerk & Treasurer Kari Clark and Town Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  1. Discussion of the town taking over Carmel Place
    1. Hathaway has spoken with the head of the homeowner’s association. He has suggested to them that they invite the highway committee, and possibly the full board to do a site visit. Currently, this is on hold due to social distancing requirements.
    2. They have asked what, besides the survey, would the town need to approve the takeover. Ms. Ashcroft stated applicable easements would need to be secured. The water and sewer lines run under the road.
  2. Review of the 5-year plan
    1. Hathaway has updated it and will make it available for the next meeting.
  3. Discuss the Northwood Park / Chasanna Drive easement agreement
    1. The updated agreement drafted by town attorney Kevin Brown has been received and was discussed.
    2. The property owners are now asking for $5000 instead of the original $3000 agreed upon.
    3. Hathaway had placed some flags along the proposed easement area.
    4. Hathaway asked if they would grant an additional four feet of width, for a total of twenty feet, in exchange for the additional $2000. This request was denied.
    5. School Board Chair Matthew Branchaud is working with another property owner on an alternate route for the path.
    6. Ashcroft suggested offering $4000 to them as a compromise, but that any additional expense would have to be approved by the full board.
  4. Review performance of town winter contractors
    1. Hathaway discussed issues with Tim Hubbard and Tim Hubbard Jr. not starting work on time. Mr. Hathaway has records of conversations and messages with dates and times of some of the stated issues.
    2. Several complaints have been received from General Electric on Windcrest Road about road conditions. The latest complaints were communicated directly to Select Board Chair Joshua Terenzini.
    3. These contractors live in New York so there is a delay is response and preparation.
    4. If the town decided to discontinue using them replacements would be needed and we would have to advertise for that.
    5. Routes could be reassigned with existing crews in the short term but at least 1 replacement would be needed.
    6. Denardo recommended advertising for replacements and moving away from them citing issues have been received over the past several years.
    7. Hathaway will draft some specifications to bring to the full board.


  1. Culvert pipe running Seward Road to the Green Mountain Plaza
    1. After some research, the state has no records of ownership.
    2. Discussed possibly creating a maintenance agreement with the state.
    3. Ashcroft stated nothing should be done by the town which could construe ownership on our part.
    4. Alderman’s is looking to expand and their storm water drains into this system
  2. Discussed circumstances to have the hourly highway crew return to work.
    1. Hathaway suggested have Mr. Tripp return next Monday (April 27th) and having Mr. Bathlon return by August 1st.
  3. Discuss the storm water permit for the shed at Northwood Park.
    1. An estimate of $9975 was given by Otter Creek Engineering.
    2. The permit is required by the State Agency of Natural Resources.
    3. Ashcroft suggested sending the estimate and a letter to the state requesting a waiver for the requirement of an operational storm water permit. The cost of the permit exceeds the cost of the project.
    4. Hathaway will do this.
  4. Discussed summer projects
    1. A small excavator would need to be rented for 2 months or a local contractor would need to be hired in order to complete the list.
    2. Bathlon would need to be brought back to help complete this.
    3. Discussed bringing back Mr. Bathlon on July 1st, the start to the new fiscal year, and rent an excavator to complete the projects.
    4. A list will be provided to the board for the next meeting.
  5. Center Rutland Pocket Park
    1. This is included in the Highway Department 5-year plan
    2. The updated plan will be provided to the Highway Committee to review.
  6. Reviewed the summary of projects relating to storm water provided by Andres Torizzo of Watershed consulting, with costs and a timeline.
    1. The committee will recommend to the full board to move ahead with his projects based upon expected deadlines.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 10:05 AM.  Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.