Water & Sewer Committee Minutes 4-21-2020

Water & Sewer Committee 4-21-2020



TUESDAY APRIL 21st, 2020

The Water & Sewer Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 9:00 AM on Tuesday April 21st at the Rutland Town Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board Member Joe Denardo, Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet, Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway, Town Lister Howard Burgess and Town Clerk & Treasurer Kari Clark. There was a conference call line with a publicly accessible and warned phone number in use.

  • The committee discussed the status of the Randbury Road water line.
    1. Robert Clark of Otter Creek Engineering is sending the final contract to Town Attorney Kevin Brown for review.
    2. The project is not deemed essential and is on hold.
    3. Ashcroft asked Mr. Sweet to follow up with the town attorney today, and again later this week as to the status of his review so it can be brought before the board at the next meeting.
    4. Sweet will send the contract electronically to the board for them to be able to review. A paper copy will be available for board members at Town Hall as well.
  • Rutland Town Sewer Inventory
    1. Hathaway has the project progressing on his iPad. He expects the manholes to be inventoried in the next couple of weeks.
    2. The map of the fire hydrants is planned next. Some inventory files available from the state will be researched to decrease the time needed for that.
    3. The Graphic Edge building on Seward Road has a storm water discharging into the sewer main. It was permitted as part of their Act 250 process. They have done mitigation around the property to reduce the flow into this drain.
  • Rutland Town / Rutland City Water & Sewer contract
    1. Nothing to do currently.
  • Discussion of sewer allocations for businesses that are sold or closed
    1. Reviewed the updated sewer allocation list. This comes from various resources at the town and Rutland City.
    2. More information is coming from Rutland City, 12 months of usage is expected to be able to review current allocations and determine if users are discharging accurately.
    3. The ordinance was reviewed to see what it allows for the modification of allocations.
    4. Discussed what happens when a property is transferred or sold. There are no specifics in the ordinance.
    5. Discussed the Alpine Pipeline. They have a separate allocation. Waiting to see the usage report to verify they are within their allocation.
    6. There is no language in the ordinance that addresses termination of allocations. An amendment to the ordinance may be necessary to address this.
    7. Reviewed the Wynnmere Development on Carmel Place. They have an allocation on the list but are not considered a town account by Rutland City. The original developer, Davis, Chioffi & Fineburg will be contacted about their allocation, and to determine if proof is available to show they paid for this allocation.
    8. There are several addresses which receive a sewer bill from the City of Rutland, but do not have a record of an allocation being granted by the town. They will be sent a letter asking them to provide proof an allocation has been granted or requesting an application be completed requesting one.
    9. There are several allocations which are on the list, but do not have an active account with City of Rutland. They will be sent a letter informing them of the intention to terminate their allocation. An appeal period will be given, allowing them to inform the board of a reason it should not be.
    10. A section will be added to the allocation list which details the termination, cancellation or modification of allocations and corresponding meeting dates, so minutes could be reviewed later if needed. A long-term process will need to be developed; this will be coordinated with our town attorney.
    11. A copy of the drafts for the letters will be included for the next board meeting, along with a list of properties receiving the notice.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet