Police Committee Minutes 8-13-19

Police Committee Minutes 8-13-19




The Police Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 9:00 AM on Tuesday August 13th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board member Sharon Russell, Board Member John Paul Faignant, Town Police Chief Ed Dumas, Town Deputy Police Chief Ted Washburn and Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  • The Rutland County Sheriff Department sent a letter to the Diamond Run Mall management as well as the Select Board stating they will not be renewing their contract to provide law enforcement coverage.
    1. Chief Dumas believes the contract for coverage cost the mall approximately $60,000 annually. This included a deputy all Friday, Saturday and Sunday and being on call when needed to respond. A search of records by the Town Police Department found a total of 45 calls at the mall logged last year. 15 were handles by the Sheriff department and the other 30 were handles be our police department or the state police.
    2. Discussed asking Town Attorney Kevin Brown for information on enforceability in the Act 250 permit and ask him to provide a letter to the mall
    3. Discussed the capability of our Police Department to cover the calls. Office Gamble would be the best choice and Chief Dumas will discuss it with him. A contract would be drafted for the position as long as funding remains.
    4. This could help supplement town police coverage during the weekends along Route 7 South.
  • Town School Resource Officer John Sly will be retiring at the end of 2019. The application period for the position closed yesterday. Interview times will be set up on August 21st starting at 9AM. Deputy Chief Washburn will set them up
    1. The best scenario would be to have John work alongside the new hire for a short period of time to help them learn the job.
  • The new speed cart has been set up on North Grove Street since it was purchased. It will be moved to different locations around town and some of the settings including speed limit displays and the lights will be updated.
  • The Fire Department has begun the process to replace the McKinley Avenue Fire Station and there has been discussion about putting in a space for Town Police to move into.
    1. Ashcroft would like to see the downstairs space at Town Hall renovated to accommodate the Police.
    2. The new space would need to include a holding cell, interview rooms and offices.
    3. The State Police facility on McKinley Avenue has been used but they are going to be moving to a new facility in the next few years.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.