Rec Committee Minutes 8-18-2020

Rec Committee 8-18-2020




The Recreation Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 4:30 PM on Tuesday August 18that Northwood Park. Present was Board Member Sharon Russell, Board Member John Paul Faignant, Town Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet, Town Rec Director Michael Rowe, and Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway.

The committee discussed improvements at the park.

  1. The disc golf course is continuing to be improved and the course will be seeded with grass.
  2. Bird watching signs have been installed along the main trail loop. There are 6 currently and they provide information on a variety of bird species. They were designed by the Elliots of Rutland Town.
  3. Additional signs for the variety of tree species in the park are planned next.

The committee discussed the operations of Northwood Pool and the closing date.

  1. Mr. Rowe said the current plan is to have the pol remain open until September 7th with the current staff available. The date may shift either way depending on the availability of lifeguards.

The committee discussed future plans for the park.

  1. Mr. Rowe has been planning a community garden project, the exact location has not been determined.
  2. As the disc golf course is cleaned up and seeded, it would make a nice cross-country ski trial system.
  3. Picnic tables and benches along the disc golf are a possibility in the future and a gazebo near the playground has been a popular topic so he is looking into that as well.
  4. A community clean up day at the park is planned in a few weeks.

The proposed pavilion project at Dewey Field was discussed. Nothing has been heard on it for a while. Mr. Rowe will see what he can find out.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 4:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet