Select Board Minutes 8-18-2020

Select Board 8-18-2020



AUGUST 18th, 2020

Out of an abundance of caution around the covid-19 virus, this meeting was held via a conference call line which was made publicly available for anyone to call into.


  • Board members present Mary Ashcroft, Sharon Russell, Joe Denardo, and John Paul Faignant
  • Meeting opened at 6:00 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Orders

The Board will approve the orders when they come into the office

Approval of Select Board Minutes for August 4th:

  • Ms. Russell moved to approve the minutes; Mr. Denardo seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

Questions from the floor; public comment:

  • Kevin Loso, director of the Rutland Housing Authority addressed the board regarding a tax abatement request he submitted for 101 Route 4 East.
    • Provided a formula for a payment in lieu of taxes
    • Not all board members were able to review his letter prior to the meeting
    • Ms. Ashcroft discussed his letter asking for an abatement
    • Mr. Loso reviewed his requests, an abatement or payment in lieu of taxes
    • Ashcroft stated the Board of Civil Authority needs to make the decision on an abatement
    • Mr. Loso was informed he needs to request a meeting in writing to the Town Clerk, Kari Clark
    • Discussed the possibility of families living in this building sending their kids to the town school. Mr. Loso said the children would remain in their original schools while living there.

Bill Sweet Administrative Assistant to the Select Board:

  1. Provided an updated meeting schedule and committee agenda items
  2. The Rutland Economic Development Corporation submitted an application to increase the sewer discharge allocation for their building at 112 Quality Lane. They are applying for an additional 338 gallons per day.
    1. This would give them a total allocation of 1338.
    2. The permit fee has been received.
    3. Denardo moved to approve the allocation request. Mr. Faignant seconded the motion.
    4. Denardo asked about the remaining sewer allocation capacity. There is approximately 210,000 GPD still available.
    5. The motion passed 4-0.
  3. Reviewed a request received from John Lemieux, the project supervisor for the Municipal Assistance Bureau regarding our grant for the Route 7 North sidewalk. A project manager needs to be selected to allow it to move forward.
    1. Byron has acted in this role before but suggested someone else do it.
    2. Bill volunteered to act in this role with Byrons help
  4. Provided a draft letter to Kinney Motors in Rutland regarding the Water and Sewer committee recommendation to combine their 2 properties under 1 sewer discharge allocation.
    1. Mr. Denardo moved to send the letter as presented. Mr. Faignant seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
  5. Provided a letter recently received sent to us by the State Police. Most board members have not had a chance to review it yet.
  6. Ms. Ashcroft reviewed the reimbursement grant opportunity for us to recover costs related to covid-19 related expenses.
    1. Ms. Russell moved to apply for the available grants. Mr. Denardo seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
    2. Ashcroft asked that any department head who has made purchases for supplies that may be reimbursable to please contact Bill or Kari with their information.

Kari Clark Rutland Town Clerk/Treasurer:

  1. Property tax bills have all been sent out. Payments can be made by returning them in the mail, bringing them to the office and leaving them in the locked drop box at the office, or online.
  2. The election was a success and thanked everyone involved.
  3. A local options tax payment was received recently, and a report will be included for the next board meeting.
  4. Reminded board members to come in to sign the minutes and other documents. Just one more signature is needed to be able to finish the tax rate paperwork.

Barbara Noyes-Pulling Rutland Town Planning Commission Chair:

  1. The pocket park project is moving along. There is a lot of historical significance in the area. For their next meeting, several local historians are invited to speak with the group.
  2. A new meeting ID for zoom meetings has been setup for the Planning Commission. It will be included on the agenda.
  3. Asked the board to discuss the municipal planning grant which was tabled from a previous meeting.
    1. Ashcroft asked for a written recommendation from the Planning Commission for a direction to go to apply for this grant.
  4. The Planning Commission agenda will be shared with the Select Board.
  5. Mr. Hathaway asked Mr. Noyes-Pulling if a recent equipment purchase made would be eligible for reimbursement under the grant. Ms. Noyes-Pulling said she would look into that possibility for him

Mike Rowe Rutland Town Recreation Director:

  1. The plan is to keep the pool open until at least September 7th at this time.
  2. Plans for soccer and flag football to happen are underway.
  3. Ms. Russell reviewed a recent Rec Committee meeting held at Northwood Park.
    1. There has been great progress made on the walking trail and disc golf course
    2. Several projects are under design right now for the future.

Byron Hathaway Rutland Town Road Commissioner:

  1. A on-site meeting on Carmel Place is needed.
    1. Ms. Ashcroft asked Bill to poll the board members about a time they can be free to coordinate a site visit next week.
  2. Reviewed the culvert pipe issue on Town Line Road.
    1. It will take several weeks to get the pipe built and delivered. This may not be in enough time to be installed before winter.
    2. We may be able to get a waiver for in stream work for this season
    3. Byron has spoken with Fabians excavation and they may be able to do it this season
    4. Byron suggested purchasing the pipe now, at a cost of approximately $11,000 so it can be on hand. The culvert can sit until the spring. A bid package could be put together for next spring / summer. This would be better for repaving.
    5. If there was a failure, from minor to major, temporary repairs or detours could be in place easily.
    6. The culvert will be a single piece. The new one would be 87” wide, 63” high and 55’ long.
  3. Met with Robert Clark from Otter Creek Engineering today and did the test pits for the Northwood park storage building. He is trying to get it fast-tracked and have a permit by mid-October for construction to begin in November or December.
  4. Mr. Clark was shown our shared use path. He estimated between $20,000 and $30,000 to complete the necessary storm water permit for the project. The possibility does exist that there could be some historical artifacts along the proposed path. The proposal does not include any historical investigation work.
  5. The Randbury Road water line has not yet begun. Mr. Clark is going to contact Masterson Excavating, the company who won the bid, top determine their start date.
    1. The concern at this point is the final paving job.
    2. Byron proposed delaying the final repaving until spring with a temporary patch put in place to go through winter.
    3. Clark will be in touch with the board as soon as he knows.
    4. There may be a possibility of the project being delayed until the spring.

Chris Clark Rutland Town Fire Chief:

  1. The bid requests for the new rescue engine have been sent out. They are due September 14th to be opened at the board meeting on September 15th.

Ed Dumas Rutland Town Police Chief:

  1. Recent calls for service were provided.
  2. Ms. Ashcroft reviewed communication recently received from the state police regarding dispatching fees which will be billed to individual towns in increasing amounts over the next 4 years. The cost at the end of the 4th year will be over $60,000 for police and fire dispatch services. The decline in the level of service was discussed.
    1. There have been discussions at the county level regarding alternatives to using the state police for dispatch, but nothing has been determined yet.
  3. Chief Dumas asked the board if they felt it was necessary to have officers at the polling places during elections, for all 12 hours.
    1. This has been the practice for the last 2 or 3 years.
    2. Chief Dumas felt it is not necessary unless there is a perceived threat.
    3. The board members felt it was not necessary to have them posted there all the time.
    4. Clark said she was comfortable with the police not being posted there.

Committee meeting updates:

  1. Bill reviewed the allocation issue with Aldermans Toyota as discussed at the Water and Sewer committee meeting.
    1. There is a one-time fee of $33,350 due to bring their allocation in line with their usage.
    2. Denardo moved to approve sending a letter to Aldermans letting them know their allocation is now for all 3 buildings, but the application and fee is their responsibility to submit.
    3. The letter will state that if one of the buildings is sold the allocation will need to be separated. This will apply to the Kinney Motors letter as well.
    4. The motion passed 4-0.
  2. The sewer allocation for East Asian Cuisine was discussed. A letter was sent to the owners of the building and the law firm of Facey, Goss and McPhee responded with a significant list of documents. They state they already have an allocation, but an initial review of their documents appears that they do not.
  3. Discussed the proposed pavilion project at Dewey Field. Ms. Ashcroft will reach out to the people involved and report back.

The board discussed an errors and omission report sent to the board from Town Lister Howard Burgess. This will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.

Ms. Ashcroft sent a recent decision by the Vermont Supreme Court to the other board members.  Mr. Faignant stated that in regard to the operating permit for C&C Fireworks, would need to limit sales to only those who have a permit for a public display. A copy of this decision will be sent to the owners of C&C Fireworks.

Harbor Freight has planned a pre-construction meeting on September 16th, 10AM at the project site. Andres Torizzo will be invited as well.

Mr. Hathaway said the smaller highway truck is approaching when it should be replaced. It is out of warranty due to the mileage. Mr. Faignant asked if it can last another year. Mr. Hathaway said that may be possible, it needs parts currently which are backordered. Mr. Hathaway will do an analysis of cost and time for replacement and report at the next meeting.

The request from the mall regarding a tax abatement will be followed up with a letter back to them advising them of the correct process to request a tax adjustment.

Mr. Scholtz, town delinquent tax collector, asked the board about a recent email from Bill Sweet regarding the PC he connects to at Town Hall. Mr. Sweet informed Mr. Scholtz that, on the recommendation of our IT vendor, this PC needs to be removed from our network because it runs and outdated operating system and could leave our network vulnerable. Mr. Scholtz said he was told an old workstation could be available after the PC upgrades at town hall were finished. A workstation is available but would require some configuration work by our IT vendor at an approximate cost of $125. Mr. Scholtz objected to paying the cost.  Mr. Faignant said the board would not be able to respond tonight and would be able to in two weeks. Mr. Sweet reviewed the situation and that this PC is only setup for and used by Mr. Scholtz for his remote access.  Ms. Ashcroft asked this issue will be put on the agenda for the next meeting. Mr. Denardo moved to have the PC configured at the towns expense and determine later who is ultimately responsible for the cost. The motion failed due to no second.

Mr. Denardo moved to adjourn. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

The meeting adjourned at 7:26 PM.


Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.


Joshua C. Terenzini, Chairman
Mary Ashcroft, Clerk
John Paul Faignant
Joseph Denardo
Sharon Russell


Center Rutland, VT.