Recreation Committee Minutes 4-30-19

Recreation Committee 4-30-19




The Recreation Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 5:30 PM on Tuesday April 30th at the Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Chair Josh Terenzini, Board member John Paul Faignant, Board Member Sharon Russell, Recreation Director Mike Rowe, Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  • Committee to discuss pool passes for all town employees
  1. There was concern of possible abuse of the privilege.
  2. Russell feels if it was to be a benefit for the firefighters, since a stipend is paid to the members, that the stipend be raised.
  3. Rowes concern was if the pass would include swim lessons.
  4. It was decided that anyone who is given a free pass must present it when signing it, to reduce the chance for abuse of the privilege.
  5. It was decided to recommend to the full board to give all town employees a family pass, excluding swim lesson.
    1. If someone with a free pass wanted swim lessons, a regular family pass would have to be purchased at the published rate.
  • Rowe said a leaf collection attachment has been purchased for the mower at Dewey Field and this could also be used at Northwood Park.
  • Not many people showed up for the work day on the 27th to help clean up the walking trails. This was likely due to the poor weather. There is another work day planned for May 4th.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.