Select Board Minutes 5-14-19

Select Board 5-14-19




MAY 14th, 2019

  • Board members present: Josh Terenzini, Mary Ashcroft, Sharon Russell, Joe Denardo, JP Faignant
  • Meeting opened at 6:00 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Orders

The Board approved the orders

Approval of Select Board Minutes for 4/30/19

  • Faignant moved to approve the minutes. Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. After a minor clerical correction, the motion passed 4-0.

New Business; Board of Health to convene for 51 Victoria Drive:

  1. Town Health Officer John Paul Faignant reported an agreement has been reached with the property owner and it has been put in writing. A copy of the agreement has been provided to the board and a copy has been placed in the health officer file.
  2. Ashcroft moved to approve the agreement. Mr. Denardo seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0 with Mr. Faignant abstaining.

New Business; Board of Health to convene for 77 & 87 Business Route 4:

  1. Town Health Officer John Paul Faignant provided pictures of the property from last fall.
    1. 87 Business Route 4 is inundated with mold and constitutes a health hazard
    2. 77 Business Route 4, the roofs are failing, water is leaking in and they are unsecured. Updated photos were provided to the board.
  2. Faignant asked for the board to issue an order that these properties be condemned requiring the owner to remove them or repair them, if that is even possible.
    1. The properties are owned by the same individual
  3. Ashcroft moved to condemn the properties. Mr. Denardo seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0 with Mr. Faignant abstaining.

Ms. Ashcroft to enter executive session with Town Attorney Kevin Brown for the purposes of pending legal actions, contract negotiations and privileged communications with Town Attorney. Mr. Faignant seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0. The board entered executive session at 6:06 PM.

The board left executive session at 7:04 PM with no action taken.


New Business; Board to meet with Brad Long from Efficiency Vermont:

  1. Long is a community engagement manager and is working with the Rutland.
  2. He is working to provide information for property owners on services available.
  3. Walk through audits can be done with homeowners and businesses
    1. Educational materials can be provided for DIY projects and also a list of contractors for bigger projects.
  4. Workshops will be set up in the future to provide public education.
  5. The board recommended he reach out to the elementary school

Bill Sweet Administrative Assistant to the Select Board:

  1. Reviewed a recent meeting with VTrans regarding the repaving of Route 7 North this summer
  2. Provided an update from Brittany Gilman regarding her previous dog barking complaint. There has not been any improvement; this has been passed along to the PD.
  3. Updates to wiring for the new sever will start the week of the 20th
  4. Discussed the town employee pool passes, will be coordinating with Mike Rowe to see if a physical pass will be needed
  5. Discussed a recent meeting the Planning Commission had with Andres Torizzo from Watershed Consulting regarding the new Storm Water Ordinance and the new forms which will be required. The forms should be ready prior to the ordinance going into effect. A FAQ document will also be created and posted to the town web site.


Barbara Noyes-Pulling Rutland Town Planning Commission Chair:

  1. Reviewed the Planning Commission meeting with Andres Torizzo
    1. An updated flyer has been created and will be sent in the near future to the property owners with the biggest impact from the ordinance.
    2. Discussed the differences in the ordinance and how it applies based on whether the property is in the watershed or the river corridor.
    3. The Planning Commission feels a public information meeting is appropriate.
    4. The Planning Commission will discuss appropriate dates for the meeting to be brought back to the Select Board at a future meeting
  2. The energy plan hearing will be during the next Select Board meeting on the 28th and again on June 11th at 7PM.
    1. The power point presentation will be given, it takes approximately 20 minutes
  3. There will be a meeting on June 13th at the Regional Planning Commission office, to reinvigorate local energy committees.
  4. Discussed a recent correspondence from Same Sun of Vt regarding a solar array expansion at the Foley property on East proctor Road.
  5. Discussed appointment of an alternate to the Planning Commission Vacancy
    1. Jim Hall has asked to be appointed to the position.
    2. Noyes-Pulling asked the board to consider candidate that can meet the needs of the dual roles of the Planning Commission with the addition of the storm water responsibilities.
    3. Faignant moved to appoint Jim Hall. Ms. Russell seconded the motion.
      1. Ms. Ashcroft asked if it would be appropriate to have him come in and talk with the board prior to voting, following the process done in the past.
      2. The motion passed 4-0 with Ms. Ashcroft abstaining.

Kirsten Hathaway Rutland Town Clerk/Treasurer:

  1. Presented the dog warrants for unlicensed dogs in the town.
    1. Ashcroft moved to approve the warrants. Mr. Denardo seconded the motion. After discussion, the motion passed 5-0.
  2. Presented an updated revenue sheet. Reported that tax collections were similar to last year.
  3. Presented paperwork from the auditors authorizing them to begin the next audit.
    1. The paperwork will be given to the board to review and discussed at the next meeting.
  4. Presented an option for an additional retirement through Prudential.
    1. This will be referred to the personnel committee.
  5. Terenzini discussed the recent building committee meeting.
    1. Denardo reviewed the proposal for all new furniture for the Clerk and Treasures office. The price quoted is $9227.30.
    2. Denardo moved to approve the purchase with fund to be used from the building improvement fund. Mr. Faignant seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.
    3. A draft request for proposal was reviewed and some edits were made. The final version will be presented to the board at the next meeting.

Mike Rowe Rutland Town Recreation Director:

  1. Terenzini reported there was a donation received from an anonymous donor in the amount of $600 to cover the cost of the Rick Reddington Band who will be performing at the Town Wide Celebration.
  2. Reported that that baseball season is underway
  3. The pool is being power washed this week in preparation of opening the Friday before Memorial Day.
  4. Swim lesson sign-ups will be June 5th and 6th from 5 to 7 PM at the pool.
  5. A third clean-up day was done on the trail system. June 15th will be a big push to do a work group to help with cleaning up the main path. It will start at 8AM.
  6. The disc gold supplies were delivered and will be put up when ready.
  7. The boy scouts are doing a project for the park where they will take slate pieces and create signs for the trails.
  8. The paving project at Dewey field will start soon.

Byron Hathaway Rutland Town Road Commissioner:

  1. Provided the board with the new contract with Wilk for paving.
    1. Ashcroft moved to approve signing the contract. Mr. Faignant seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.
  2. North Grove Street has been repaired and paved.
  3. Denardo asked Mr. Hathaway to pass along to Wilk asking them not to stage machinery in the hay field on McKinley Avenue
  4. Discussed a problem on Grover Drive with Jim Ragostas house and drainage.
    1. Hathaway showed the board some pictures
    2. This will be referred to the highway committee.
  5. Discussed the request to take over Carmel Place.
    1. Items requested from Karl Ronn have not been received yet. Bill will follow up with him to check on their status.
  6. The new Highway employee started Monday. He will be invited to a future board meeting
  7. Reported that the turnout for green up day was very positive. Many bags were picked up around town.
  8. Reported on an illegal dumping issue on Boardman Hill.
    1. Recently some identifying items were discovered and turned over to the Town PD.

Chris Clark Rutland Town Fire Chief, Mike Carlson Asst. Chief, Larry Dellveneri Asst. Fire Chief:

  1. Faignant reported on a special election recently held at the Fire Department.
    1. Chris Clark was elected as the new chief, Larry Dellveneri was elected as the new Asst. Chief from McKinley Avenue and Jared Rau was elected as the new Lieutenant from McKinley Avenue.
    2. Faignant moved to approve the positions as elected. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.
  2. Reviewed some recent training the department has done
    1. Building tours
    2. Pump training at Northwood Pool
  3. Reported on recent calls the department has responded to, including responding mutual aid to Rutland City for a house fire
  4. Provided the board with specifications on a new pick-up truck to replace the one in Center Rutland. This will be for a Ford F-350, 4 door truck. The equipment is not included in this price. It takes 8 to 9 weeks for delivery.
    1. Denardo asked if this truck will meet the needs of the department until its next scheduled replacement, in 24 years. Chief Clark said the committee reviewed and discussed needs and this will.
    2. Ashcroft asked where the funds will come from. The equipment depreciation fund is covering the cost.
    3. Ashcroft asked where this replacement falls in the departments 5 year plan.
      1. There is a vehicle replacement schedule which is in place and this truck is approximately 2 years behind schedule, due to the need to replace Engine 1 sooner.
      2. The next truck is Engine 3, which may need to be replaced prior to 2022. This will be discussed at an upcoming Fire Committee meeting.
    4. Faignant moved to approve the purchase of the new truck for $36641. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.
  5. There are 5 applications in process for new members.

Ed Dumas Rutland Town Police Chief:

  1. Recent calls for service were provided.
  2. Provided a quote for the new equipment for the new police cruiser including lights, sirens and radar units.
    1. Faignant moved to approve. Mr. Denardo seconded the motion.
    2. Ashcroft commented the Police Committee had not met on this purchase.
    3. The motion passed 4-0 with Ms. Ashcroft abstaining.
  3. The new officer candidate has accepted the offer for employment.

Project updates:

  1. Ashcroft reported on a site visit on Randbury Road to review the addition of a water line on Randbury Road. Byron Hathaway along with Robert Clark and Mark Youngstrom from Otter Creek Engineering.
    1. Discussed the possibility of connecting this new line to be a loop system.
  2. Ashcroft gave an update on the shared use path for Northwood Park. Negotiations with a landowner have fallen through. An adjacent land owner will be approached for an easement.


Mr. Faignant discussed correspondence received from Town Lister Howard Burgess with a request from NEMRC to be able to use our Grand List to make proposals to other people. Mr. Faignant moved to decline their request. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.

Mr. Terenzini reviewed correspondence received from Town Lister Howard Burgess in regards to renumbering The Gable and The Meadows for 911 purposes. A compromise was reached with them. Mr. Faignant moved to approve the new compromise. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. After discussion, the motion passed 4-0 with Ms. Ashcroft abstaining.

Ms. Ashcroft updated the board on the scholarship awards which will be made for Rutland High School and West Rutland.

Mr. Denardo made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Faignant seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Mr. Bill Sweet


Joshua C. Terenzini, Chairman
Mary Ashcroft, Clerk
John Paul Faignant
Joseph Denardo
Sharon Russell


Center Rutland, VT.