Select Board Minutes 5-28-19

Select Board 5-28-19




MAY 28th, 2019

  • Board members present: Josh Terenzini, Mary Ashcroft, Sharon Russell, JP Faignant
  • Meeting opened at 6:00 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Orders

The Board approved the orders

Approval of Select Board Minutes for May 14th, 2019

  • Faignant moved to approve the minutes. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.

Bill Sweet Administrative Assistant to the Select Board:

  • Presented the final draft of the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan which was worked on by Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway, Town Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet, Town Emergency Management Director Marty Wasserman and Steffanie Bourque, liaison from the Regional Planning Commission.
    1. Faignant moved to approve adopting the document. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. For discussion, some additions and clarifications were made.
      1. On page 2, water supply should include the new water line from West Rutland
      2. On page 9, The Towns fleet of snow plows should be The Towns “contracted” fleet of snow plows
  • On page A-3, the mission should be to the 3rd section listing town shelters
  1. The motion is tabled pending the revisions.
  • Presented the contract from A.M. Peisch allowing them to complete an audit of town financial records. Mr. Faignant moved to approve the contract and authorize the chair to sign on behalf of the board. Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
  • Presented a copy of the new storm water ordinance after revisions were completed by Andres Torizzo of Watershed Consulting. The revised version will be forwarded to the Town Attorney for him to review. His comments and a final draft will be reviewed at the next meeting.
  • Provided the latest list and total of the new equipment needing to be ordered for the new Fire Department utility truck. Mr. Faignant moved to approve the list and purchase of the equipment needed. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
  • Presented correspondence from Velco regarding a proposed addition to their solar array on Pinnacle Ridge Road.
  • Presented a contract from Symquest to provide new copiers for Town Hall. They are offering to buy the current contact out for $2040 and install new copiers as early as July. The existing contract is 4 years, on refurbished copiers and currently ends in January of 2020. This new contract is 5 years but we would start with brand new machines. Mr. Faignant moved to approve the contract and authorize the chair to sign on behalf of the board. Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. For discussion, this increase in monthly rental was planned for in the budget and the check received from them will go into that line on the budget. The motion passed 4-0.
  • Presented a draft of a letter to be sent to a town resident regarding a storm water issue. Mr. Faignant moved to approve and Ms. Russell seconded the motion. During discussion some clerical corrections needed to be made. An update will be made and the revised letter will be signed. The motion passed 4-0.
  • Presented correspondence from the Crowley Brother Road Race requesting permission to use town roads for their event on Sunday June 9th. An insurance certificate has been provided. Mr. Faignant moved to approve the use of the road.
  • Presented a contract from B.K. Services to provide lawn maintenance for 3 years for Town Hall, the cemetery and both fire stations. Mr. Faignant moved to approve the contract and authorize the chair to sign on behalf of the board. Mr. Russell seconded the motion. For discussion, the spring clean-up listed has already been done for this year. The motion passed 4-0.
  • Presented the award letter from VLCT for the safety grant applied for which includes a variety of equipment for different town departments. Mr. Faignant moved to the purchase of the items included in the original grant package. Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. For discussion, the total of cost of items submitted as just under $15,000 and we have up to 1 year to purchase, install and submit for reimbursement. The motion passed 4-0.
  • Presented an updated letter of support for the City of Rutland supporting them in their grant application request for the development of a trail system. Ms. Russell moved to approve signing the letter. Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

New Business; Board to discuss Randbury Road Water Line:  

  • Mark Youngstrom from Otter Creek Engineering was present. He provided copies of an engineering proposal to engineer a water line for Randbury Road. This proposal is for a single line extending down Randbury Road; it does not include this line joining into another water line to create a loop system. Mr. Youngstrom stated it would be easy to include, but could add significantly to the construction cost. It would have to extend approximately 1000’ to be able to tie in to an existing system. Mr. Faignant moved to approve the otter Creek Engineering Design and Permitting proposal for Randbury Road and have the chair sign on behalf of the board. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
  • Terenzini asked Mr. Youngstrom to provide an estimate on what it would cost to extend this proposed new line to create a loop. Mr. Youngstrom indicated they would start work on that.

Barbara Noyes-Pulling Rutland Town Planning Commission Chair:

  • The Commission will review the new permit forms for the storm water ordinance at the meeting on May 30th. Additional outreach and education will also be discussed.
  • Informed the Board that Rutland Town has made the short list for a pilot program which brings together municipalities and private land owners to develop best practices to meet the requirements of the new storm water permits. 10 to 15 sites will be selected to participate.
    1. If the board wanted to pursue this, additional meetings would be scheduled with Watershed Consulting and the Regional Planning Commission.
    2. Noyes-Pulling will send an informational email to all board members.
  • In anticipation of tonight’s hearing, if the energy plan is approved after the hearings take place the next step would be for it to go to the Regional planning Commission. Their last meeting before their summer break is June 18th. The RRPC could warn this topic for their meeting on the 18th or it would have to be put on the agenda for their September meeting.
    1. The board asked it not be included for the June 18th meeting at this time.


Kirsten Hathaway Rutland Town Clerk/Treasurer:

  • Presented the most recent report on the 1%local tax income the town has received. It includes meals and rooms tax plus sales and use tax.
    1. Income from Meals and Rooms tax was $46,883.70 this quarter
    2. Income from Sales and Use tax was $ 220,775.36 this quarter.
    3. The overall income is down slightly.
  • There is a small amount of income still left to come in from the Rec and Police Departments.
  • Presented the board with the Request For proposal for the remodel of the Clerk & Treasurers office.
    1. Faignant asked for some clerical changes to be made
    2. A revised draft will be presented at the next board meeting
    3. The board asked to have a rendering made available of what the proposed glass partition would look like
    4. Faignant moved to approve the RFP with the corrections requested. No second was given. The motion failed.
  • The lists of delinquent taxes have been warranted over to the delinquent tax collector Jim Scholtz.

Mike Rowe Rutland Town Recreation Director:

  • The pool is being refilled after being cleaned.
  • The parking lot near the pool has been repaved and looks very good
  • There will be an Eagle Scout project to fix one of the fields.
  • Thanks Mr. Faignant for his help repairing and aligning new paths after the timber sale for the walking paths and the use of his excavator.
  • June 15th is the last big project to get the trails cleaned up and the main loop open as well as installing the disc golf hardware.
  • June 5th and 6th from 5PM to 7PM the pool will be open to purchase pool passes and sign up for swim lessons.
  • Presented a proposal for $18,486, with funds to be used from the depreciation account, from VT Tennis courts for the work to be done at Dewey Field tennis courts after the paving is done.
    1. Faignant moved to approve and authorize the chair to sign on behalf of the board. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

New Business: Board to hold hearing for the adoption of the new town energy plan;

  • Terenzini recessed the regular board meeting at 7PM to begin the public hearing.
  • Planning Commission Chair Barbara Noyes-Pulling and Planning Commission Clerk Dana Peterson gave a power point presentation on the proposed new energy plan section to the town plan.
    1. Reviewed various types of renewable energy potential
    2. Reviewed the scenic view sheds from the analysis done by Middlebury College
      1. There are 16 included in the plan
    3. Reviewed the map of local preferred areas
    4. Gave a summary of the energy targets and reported that Rutland Town is close to meeting this number.
      1. The total target is 14,369 MWh by 2050
      2. It would require 84.8 acres of solar
  • Rutland Town has 94 acres of preferred land
  1. Don Chioffi asked how the targets were determined.
    1. Noyes-Pulling stated each region was given a target by the state with each region being allowed to determine how it was divided. The local RPC divided them equally among the region communities.
  2. Ashcroft asked how biomass was defined.
    1. An example was given of Montpelier where they have a central wood burning facility which produces electricity for the city.
  3. Jim Hall asked how many of these acres were prime agricultural land.
    1. Noyes-Pulling answered there are none of that type included in the 94
  4. Presented a list of proposed criteria which could be used for approving future net metering sites.
  5. Discussed adding solar to existing commercial parking lots.
    1. Maps are available with the impervious surfaces
  6. The Planning Commission is recommending appointing an energy coordinator and energy committee for the purpose of overseeing:
    1. Conservation & Efficient Use of Energy
    2. Transportation
  • Land use
  1. Town Fire Department Asst. Fire Chief Mike Carlson asked for consideration to be given to include language that would provide for Fire Department personnel training at a solar field site prior to it going online. He stated a case where attempts were made to have access to a site for a tour but it was denied.
  2. Norm Peterson, Town Planning Commission member addressed the board and asked the board to consider some additional language which he read to them and will provide in a follow up email communication.
  3. Chioffi questioned the hearing process from the Planning Commission public hearing on March 28th. He had indicated specific minutes were missing for this hearing. Ms. Noyes-Pulling stated the minutes were part of their regular meeting and no members of the public came to the hearing.
  4. Don Chioffi provided testimony to the board
    1. He addressed concern about the lack of resident participation
    2. He addressed his concern about projects which could be continued to be approved by the Public Utility Commission even after the town has met the energy goal.
  5. Terenzini declared the public hearing closed at 8:07 PM and took a recess.

The board meeting resumed at 8:14 PM.

Byron Hathaway Rutland Town Road Commissioner:

  • Thanked Mr. Faignant for the work he performed with his excavator in Northwood Park on the trail system.
  • A resident on Cedar Avenue has approached him about installing a culvert under Cedar Avenue connecting to the Miglorie property.
    1. There are some issues with completing this project including impact on wetlands and where the discharge would end up.
    2. Hathaway recommends taking no action as this is not town property. He has provided the affected property owner with several recommendations for a solution.
    3. Faignant moved accept Mr. Hathaway’s recommendation. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
  • A broken hydrant was recently found on Seward Road. The city was contacted about repair or replacement. This hydrant is too old to be repaired so replacement is required. Mr. Hathaway will have them replace it.
  • A bill for the replacement of the water main valve on South Main Street from Rutland City will be coming soon. A committee meeting may be needed to discuss this issue and background further.
  • Provided an update on the road reclassification for Dyer Road and a section of Sugarwood Hill Road. A notice needs to be sent to the affected land owners within 60 days of the date of the decision. This letter will be drafted and sent.
  • Discussed some damage done to a large section of guardrail on the corner of Cop John Drive and Farrell Road. The police were not notified of the incident. VLCT will be contacted to see if the damage will be covered by our insurance.
  • Discussed upgrading a trailer to a larger one to accommodate the larger equipment needing to be moved. Research into options will be done and proposals brought back to the board
  • Provided a copy of a winter maintenance policy written several years ago. Andres Torizzo from Watershed Consulting has been asking for one.
  • The paving projects for this year are nearly complete.


Chris Clark Rutland Town Fire Chief:

  • Reviewed the status of the purchase of the new utility truck.
    1. The only cost yet to be finalized is the painting of the roof and lettering and striping.
    2. The proposed plan will be to move the existing Ford F350 to McKinley Avenue for the utility truck for that station and discontinue using the Ford Ranger. Some body work will need to be done to the F350 once the new truck is in service.
    3. Faignant moved to approve this plan. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
    4. Discussed transferring the Ford Ranger over to the Highway and Rec Department.
      1. Currently Byron helps to move equipment around using a trailer. This could be used for a variety of uses as a service vehicle for both departments.
      2. Russell moved to donate the truck to the Rec department when the fire department takes it out of service. Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. After discussion the motion will be tabled to allow Mr. Rowe to look into what additional costs he would incur and how they could be paid for. This will be referred to the Rec Committee for review and discussion.
  • 2 residents have contacted him about a permit for fireworks.
    1. Permits are required for any display public or private and must be obtained by calling the fire chief no less than 15 days prior to the event.
  • Discussed the purchase of a new water softener system for the McKinley Avenue fire station. Estimates will be obtained for a future board meeting.
  • Discussed the outside lights over the garage bays in Center Rutland. They are not effective for what they need to do. Chief Clark requested permission to research options to replace them with funds to be used from the fire station bond. Chief Clark will research option to bring back to the board.
  • Russell will be contacting Tedesco’s Masonry about completing the flower bed caps for the Center Rutland Fire Station as soon as possible.
    1. The highway crew will fill the beds with top soil when they have time in their schedule.


  • Informed the board there have been 15 fire calls for the month of May so far.
  • Reviewed recent parades attended by the members.
    1. They attended West Rutland, Pittsford and Middletown Springs events.
    2. We were awarded a trophy in Middletown Springs for best apparatus appearance.


Ed Dumas Rutland Town Police Chief:

  • Provided recent calls for service. There are less than normal due to Deputy Chief Washburn being out for training for most of the week.

Committee meeting updates:

  • From the Energy Committee;
    1. The proposal from Green Lantern Solar which was requested has been received and will be reviewed by the committee at a future meeting.

New Business: Board to discuss what constitutes / requires a board meeting;

  • Faignant feels there should not be a set of rules to set a meeting due to the nature of approval of certain items.
  • Ashcroft commented on the inclusion of other board members with committee items by the virtue of the minutes and other reference items included in the packets. The committee meetings also give an opportunity for more detailed discussion.

New Business: Board to discuss establishing a town wide yard sale;

  • This topic had come up at the suggestion of Ms. Ashcroft
    1. There was discussion about including it as part of the town wide yard sale but the committee felt that would be too much to try to fit into the schedule of the day.
  • Other towns do this and it has grown to be a big event.
  • Discussed picking a Saturday in August to host it at Northwood Park and have a combined town wide yard sale and flea market.
  • This will be included on the next agenda for further discussion

There will be a senior luncheon July 11th at 11AM.

Mr. Faignant moved to enter executive session for a personnel issue with the Fire Department command staff attending and a second executive session for a possible land transaction.  Ms. Ashcroft seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. The board entered executive session at 6:47 PM.

Upon leaving executive session, with no action being taken, Mr. Faignant made a motion to adjourn. Ms. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0. The meeting was adjourned at 9:06 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Mr. Bill Sweet


Joshua C. Terenzini, Chairman
Mary Ashcroft, Clerk
John Paul Faignant
Joseph Denardo
Sharon Russell


Center Rutland, VT.