Highway Committee Minutes 5-30-19

Highway Committee 5-30-19



THURSDAY MAY 30th, 2019

The Highway Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 11:30 AM on Thursday May 30th at Town Hall. Present was Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway and Town Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  1. The committee discussed the request from residents on Carmel Place to take over the road.
    1. We are still waiting on requested items from Karl Ronn.
    2. Hathaway is ok with taking the road over as he had seen it being constructed, but the documentation will still be needed
    3. A set of as built plans did exist at one time but their location is not known.
    4. A drainage easement will likely be needed as a storm water pond exists and will need some retrofitting.
    5. The original development company owns the vacant lots.
  2. Discussed the 2 recently reclassified road segments.
    1. Reviewed what the process would be to give up the small section of Sugarwood Hill recently reclassified.
    2. There is 1 culvert in the area but it is under the section which is being retained by the town in its right of way.
    3. A recommendation will be made to the full board to give up ownership of this small section to the adjacent property owners.
    4. Findings of fact need to be sent to the owners adjacent to Dyer Road, as well as minutes from the meetings pertaining to the reclassification. Ms. Ashcroft will draft the letters to be sent.
  3. Reviewed the Class IV road policy from the Town of Kirby
    1. Discussed revisions which could make it specific for our town.
    2. After the revisions are made it will be recommended to the full board for adoption.
  4. Reviewed the draft winter maintenance policy written by Mr. Hathaway.
    1. The reference to mailbox damage was updated to reflect the current separate mailbox policy.
    2. This will be forwarded to Andres Torizzo of Watershed Consulting so he can review it as well and after his comments are received and any final changes made, a recommendation for adoption will be made to the full board.
  5. Discussed VTrans plans to change the weight limit road sign for Post Road as part of their repaving project for US Route 7 North from a limit of 18k pounds to 24k pounds.
    1. Town Attorney Kevin Brown has provided supporting language for keeping it at 18k pounds previously.
    2. Hathaway will look for this to provide to VTrans.
  6. Discussed the shared use path for Northwood Park.
    1. An easement has not yet been secured.
    2. Discussed sending a letter to each of the property owners who owned property which would be suitable for path access.
    3. A proposal will be brought to the full board.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM.  Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.