Water & Sewer Committee Minutes 2-28-2020

Water & Sewer 2-28-2020




The Water & Sewer Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 9:00 AM on Friday February 28th at the Rutland Town Municipal Town Hall. Present was Board Chair Joshua Terenzini, Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board Member Joe Denardo, Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet, Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway, Town Lister Howard Burgess and Mr. Robert Clark from Otter Creek Engineering.

  • The committee met with Mr. Robert Clark from Otter Creek Engineering to review the 3 bids received for a water line extension down Randbury Road.
    1. Clark has reviewed the 3 sealed bids the town received that were opened at the February 25th Select Board meeting.
    2. The bid from Masterson Excavating was reviewed and the total corrected to $222,153.50 based on written information.
    3. The bid from Parkers Excavating was reviewed and the total corrected to $299,406.34 based on written information.
    4. No corrections were needed for the bid of $256,720 from DeBisschop Construction.
    5. Clark recommended to the committee signing a contract with Masterson Excavation with bid alternate #1 and bid alternate #2 included. If the alternates are not needed/used there is no charge for them. Any construction cost is subject to what is used. An example was given of the pavement needed. If fewer square feet is needed actual billed cost is decreased.
    6. Hathaway asked about their reputation. Mr. Clark indicated his firm has worked with them on other projects and says they are a good company. They did the site work for the now Mountain View Equipment building on Middle Road.
    7. Bid alternate # 2 was discussed, encasing the ductile iron pipe in plastic.
      1. This is used to protect the pipe from acids in the soil/ground water. Mr. Clark stated the soil samples did not show it to be corrosive.
    8. Clark said according to Masterson Excavating, they would be able to start in early May and anticipate a 3 to 4 week timeline for completion. Mr. Clark said this would also decrease the engineering costs, where their monitoring of the project is required.
    9. Clark he expected that, if Masterson was used, the entire project cost to be less than $300,000.
    10. Ashcroft reviewed the water fund balance and said as of June 30th, 2018 the balance was $631,628 and grows approximately $65,000 annually.
    11. The town has no connection fees included in an ordinance; this may be some that changes in the future.
    12. Clark stated most businesses on Randbury Road had an interest in connecting.
    13. After the contract is awarded a contract signing needs to scheduled. Otter Creek Engineering would then reach out to the businesses and give them information on how to connect right away if they desire.
    14. The committee will recommend to the full board to accept the bid from Masterson Excavation and included only bid alternate #1.
  • The committee discusses the progress on completing a water and sewer inventory.
    1. Hathaway stated he has this in progress and has information already gathered. It would take him approximately 3 or 4 full days of additional work to locate, map and enter the balance of infrastructure.
  • The committee discussed the sewer line which runs under US Route 7 South from in front of the Days Inn to the area of Aspen Dental.
    1. Hathaway stated there have been several times lately the line has become plugged. He has hired a contractor to clear it, but there may be a bigger problem.
    2. Several ideas were discussed as to what could be done if the pipe needs to be replaced, but any work would need to be with the permission of VTrans.
    3. An inspection of the pipe with a camera is planned in the near future and this will give a much better idea of what issues may exist.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet