Highway Committee Minutes 1-14-2020

Highway Committee Minutes 1-14-2020




The Highway Committee of the Rutland Town Select Board met at 9:00 AM on Tuesday January 14th at the Rutland Town Hall. Present was Board Chair Joshua Terenzini, Board Clerk Mary Ashcroft, Board member Joe Denardo, Board member Sharon Russell, Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway, Town Recreation director Mike Rowe, Town Clerk & Treasurer Kirsten Hathaway and Town Administrative Assistant Bill Sweet.

  1. The committee reviewed the proposal presented by the Recreation, Highway and Police Departments for a new cold storage building at Northwood Park.
    1. It would be used to store summertime use only equipment.
    2. This would allow for flexibility for staging equipment for easier access
    3. The proposed location is the edge of the parking lot between the highway garage and the main recreation building by the baseball fields
    4. A local sawmill has offered to prepare the raw timber for approximately $3000.
    5. Hathaway discussed the possibility having a larger salt shed built, with the help of some grant opportunities, which could hold a season supply of salt. This could allow the proposed storage building to be smaller and save some of the cost. After some discussion it was decided to keep the building at 3 bays to allow for future use and expected growth.
    6. The timber needed could all be harvested from around Northwood Park. There are several trees left marked that were intended to be taken in the timber sale. It would take approximately 30 to 35 trees of various types to complete the construction.
    7. Volunteer labor will be used to construct the building.
    8. The committee voted to recommend to the full board to move ahead with the project
  2. The committee discussed the proposed public works mutual aid agreement sent to the board by the Rutland regional Planning Commission.
    1. Signing onto it would allow the town to recover costs for assisting other towns with storms and other disaster events/
    2. The was an old document that was updated by the RRPC.
    3. Hathaway recommended to the committee it be signed.
    4. It allows reimbursement for equipment and personnel
    5. The committee will recommend to the full board that it be signed.
  3. The committee reviewed the request from the homeowner’s association at Wynnmere to have the town install a streetlight at the intersection with Killington Avenue. After discussing it the committee will recommend to the full board to deny the request.
  4. The committee reviewed the 5-year highway department plan. Mr. Hathaway provided a current copy to the committee members. He said it will be updated to include the additional of a new salt shed building.
  5. The committee discussed the request from the homeowner’s association at Wynnmere to have the town take over the maintenance of Carmel Place. No update has been received from them.
    1. The requested records have not been found yet.
    2. Surveys and easements will be needed.
    3. The water and sewer lines are under the roadway. It is not known who will own and maintain them if the town takes over the road.
  6. The committee discussed the culvert pipe which runs under Route 7 from the NE corner of Seward Road to the retention pond at the entrance to the Green Mountain Plaza.
    1. VTrans has no record of ownership being transferred to the town.
    2. Hathaway suggested creating a maintenance agreement with area owners.
  7. The committee discussed the Ragosta property on Grover Drive.
    1. Hathaway talked with engineer Bronson Spencer. They developed a plan to install a drainage pipe west along Grover Drive. The original intent of securing his service was to have them develop a plan to restore the natural wetland that was disturbed.
    2. Spencer will be invited to a future board meeting to meet with the board and discuss what has been done and what is needed.
  8. Hathaway updated the committee on his search for a new roadside mower.
    1. Ashcroft asked about the possibility of renting one. It was decided this process would not fit well with the use the town would expect and would ultimately be more expensive.
    2. After looking at several options, the one suggested by Mr. Hathaway would cost the town approximately $50,000 after sharing some of the cost with the Town of Mendon. Mr. Hathaway is still looking into other options.


There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 10:05 AM.  Respectfully submitted, Bill Sweet.